A Nightmare in Beagleville

Nightmare in Beagleville

We have all been enjoying a rather interesting fairytale, now we have a bit of a horror movie. As noted by one of our commentators, many of you will be familiar with Stephen King’s Needful Things, where a nice middle-aged gentleman decided to set up shop in a quaint little town and in this lovely shop everyone in town found what they’d always wanted.

Here we have another little story. Once upon a time there was a nice, softly spoken, well educated middle-aged gentleman in a quaint little village nestled in a lovely valley amidst scenic hills. This little village was a bit further west than Mr Leland Gaunt’s town but it was also full of people who had similar desires and experienced the same trials and tribulations as the inhabitants of Castle Rock.

In this little village, this nice gentleman helped people with various problems, he liked to be involved in the community and was keen to offer a helping hand. However, this little community was too small for this nice gentleman who was not able to travel very far, so he decided to use the internet to cast a wider net in the virtual world. In cyberspace, he could reach many areas others did not reach, and he set out to help people online.

Many people trusted this nice gentleman after he’d offered to help them or just lent them an ear when they needed someone to talk to. Often it was him who needed a friend and there were many around who were willing to listen. As a result of his involvement with a number of people, this nice gentleman was often trusted with a good deal of personal information. He received emails and phone calls where people trusted him with their issues, their feelings and their troubles.

As with Mr Gaunt of Castle Rock, all was not as it seemed. This nice gentleman would often disclose those people’s communications to others, including those who could be considered as “enemies” or “rivals”, those who did not wish them well in their endeavours, their employers and, in some cases, even the authorities. It took many years for the Beagleville authorities to wise up to the fact this nice gentleman was not always who he claimed to be and close the doors on him, yet he still saw fit to keep them in the loop so to speak, whenever he heard about a new development which could be of interest to the community of Beagleville.

Those who read the book or watched the movie will know what happened to Castle Rock after Leland Gaunt arrived in town. They will also know the story ended with him still lurking in the shadows somewhere.


  1. revenge says:

    A very wicked story… cannot wait to hear more.

  2. BillK says:

    That’s another familiar plot to many, isn’t it ? It seems to be a strange but consistent phenomenon where the various monsters throughout ‘horrible history’ – from Dracula & Frankenstein’s Monster to Freddy Krueger & Hannibal Lecter – often attract the sympathy of the viewer, whilst their victims are afforded little concern. I guess there will always be plenty of soul-less bloodsuckers and rabid psychopaths who view these monsters as role models, and who see them as the hero of the piece – not as the villain.

  3. Flaming Parrot says:

    Once upon a time I knew a journalist whose motto was “A journalist never reveals their sources”. If you are going to leak information, you should at least make sure you do so to someone who abides by this principle, so you can be reassured that your identity will be protected by the leakee. If you leak to people who have no regard for your privacy, where does that leave you? Perhaps if they had known that would be the case, they would have thought twice before leaking, unless leaking is a way of life for them.

    There are quite a few Leland Gaunts in the foral world, I know quite a few that fit the bill quite well. :(

  4. Interested Party says:

    I know one or two ‘leakers’ myself, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Dignity says:

    ‘Walter’ reports people to their employers, DWP, other authorities, you name it. Furthermore, he records phone calls.

    Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with him!

    Why people send anything to him is beyond me.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Perhaps because they were not aware of his true character, or because, up to a certain point, his explanations sounded plausible.

      There is another little story here: A Nightmare in Beagleville, where you’ll find the lead character in the story appeared to be everyone’s best friend in town and thus he knew everyone’s business and used this knowledge to turn them against each other, with everyone being none the wiser.

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