A Tale of Two Dangers

Two barking mad dogs

Looking through the Nemesis and Beagle Betrayal posts, one cannot help but draw a parallel. On the surface, the two look like completely separate issues involving very different people. In reality, you get a sense of deja vu when you read the Nemesis Saga, it reminds you so much of a similar situation involving the lead character in Beagle Betrayal.

What’s in a name?

Mr Beagle was well known for going round the fora setting up accounts under various user names, nothing unusual about that, however, in this case, he did so with the full knowledge and blessing of Site Team. Once he had been somehow discredited under a certain user name, he would be born again under a different one. The Regulars would spot this almost immediately, his posting style is not hard to spot and he wasn’t even trying to hide his identity. In some cases, he himself would privately communicate the fact to a number of people. However, not many would approach site team to ask them whether this was Mr Born Again, so they kind of covered their tracks with the change of username.

While setting up accounts under various usernames is rather common in the foral world, having such accounts deleted is not. You may want to ask the admins to remove some of your posts for personal reasons, but not your entire account. Mr Beagle makes a habit of asking for his accounts to be removed to stop people who know him under his various usernames, trying to connect the dots.

The Beagles seem to think that, by allowing people in under a different name, no-one will know who those “newbies really are. That simply isn’t the case, they are rather easy to spot.

Beagle loyalty

The Beagles have a strange sense of loyalty. As shown on previous posts, when they decide to put someone on a very high pedestal, they stick to their decision even when the evidence that they’ve made a mistake is overwhelming, as was the case first with Mr Beagle, and later with their Nemesis.

Mr Beagle has fallen out with all those who trusted him, he’s lost all his friends in the foral world due to his behaviour. This include the Beagles themselves who, at one point, were prepared to let the whole site go to the dogs, quite literally, for the sake of sticking up for him. The Mass Cull of 2014 was largely aimed at those who had expressed their objections to Mr Beagle’s position within the Kingdom of Beagleland. Amongst the victims of the cull were some of those who had been involved in the development of the site from the start. But the cull was the end rather than the beginning, there is a long list of people who left the site, one way or other, because of Mr Beagle. Some joined the Ban Club and others went down the bugger off route, either way, the site had a lot of its blood drained as a result of Mr Beagle’s actions over the years.

The Beagles appeared to have finally seen the blinding light but it took a number of years for it to dawn on them, despite the number of people providing them with evidence that they were wrong and all the complaints submitted to them, officially or unofficially, by a number of well-known members. They either ignored it all, or those who made noise, were shown the door.

We are now seeing the very same thing happening again: those who have made the point of showing Nemesis wrong and arguing against his elevated position in the Kingdom of Beagleland, have also been relegated to the  Ban Club. The site owners themselves are very reluctant to step in and correct what he has said and one has to wonder why that is. They don’t hesitate to step in when other prolific posters  and regulars such as Openlaw say something they don’t agree with, yet they treat Nemesis with a lot of respect and allow him to roam free and advise everyone who has received a court claim, despite all the cases where his intervention has resulted in a potential risk or even a negative outcome to the poster.



  1. BillK says:

    It sure seems odd, doesn’t it ? The earlier ‘Mr Beagle’ example must have had something that benefitted the Beagles, or they would have jettisoned him as easily as they have jettisoned others who had outlived their usefulness. Or alternatively he may have had something that would cause great harm to one or all of the Beagles – as he had demonstrated his ability to cause great harm to another forum owner, if I recall correctly.

    But what has Nemesis got ? His advice is downright dangerous, and he cannot take advice or criticism himself. Despite knowing this (and they do) – the LB Team protect him with an uncanny ferocity that sees members banned (ie., put on permanent moderation or made ‘inactive’) for simply politely pointing out his errors !

    Perhaps he is a ‘plant’ by one of LBcompare’s many, many subscribers to steer claimants to them. Perhaps he is a LB Team member’s doddery old dad who needs a ‘raison d’étre’ in his dotage, and is allowed to amuse himself by ruining other people’s lives – bless. Perhaps he is stupid enough to invest some of his money in LB’s current pet project.

    I’m beginning to suspect that he may be in the latter category. From what we know about him, he is retired from the Army’s Adjutant General’s Corps and probably attained a high rank – judging by his ineptitude and arrogance. He may well have accumulated a sizeable packet over his years of service – particularly if he remained unmarried, which seems a possibility given his inability to apologise or admit he is wrong.

    Just my own thoughts, though – anyone else have any ideas ?

    • Agent 99 says:

      Yes, their determination to stand up for him, let him run wild and eliminate those who point out his failings, either on the threads or directly to the site team suggests there may be more there than meets the eye. It would make sense if he was, as you say, someone who decided to get involved in LB Compare, although many people would either contribute either time or money and if they put their money forward, they would spend their time engaging in those activities most likely to increase profitability, rather than just posting willy nilly.

      However, this situation is very reminiscent of Mr Beagle and the status he enjoyed in Beagleland for a number of years, and Mr Beagle’s mental issues were very well known to all inside and outside Legal Beagles. Perhaps Nemesis has mental issues of his own and, like Mr Beagle, also craves attention. Looking at his previous foral history, this has certainly been the case for a number of years, at least since 2010 when he joined CAG as Brigadier1JCS (see Meet the Man). Some people may go as far as to “buy” attention, you never know.

      Looks like he did not remain unmarried. There was a thread on Legal Beagles posted a few months ago, started by his grandson, saying that his grandad had been a little unwell: Nem. That was a clear example of Nemesis’ exaggerated sense of self-importance, to get a family member to start a thread to say you are having time off sick, as if the forum could not function without his presence. That would be something to be communicated privately to site team, if at all.

      As the thread was started under the username “nemesis45” rather than someone else, he was technically breaching the forum rules by allowing his grandson to log in as himself. Anyone else doing that would have joined the Ban Club, and rightly so. The correct procedure would have been to set up another user account and post under that account, after all, registration is free. Although an email to admin would have been enough.

      How is anyone to know whether posts made under that username are actually being made by the old dog rather than his young grandson? Come to think of it, that may well explain his childish tantrums when someone else posted on “his” threads, and the many times where the responses given didn’t match the questions asked or what had been posted above. Maybe we have a young teenage boy on the loose on LB…

  2. peter says:

    The last time i talked to him he had, two degrees and a phd in law, had done thirty years in the army and been giving debt advice for 45 years so that would make him about 173.

    • Agent 99 says:

      For someone with 40+ years experience, he didn’t seem to know an awful lot back in 2010. He was asking the most basic questions.


  3. Agent 99 says:

    This was Nemesis in a previous incarnation on another forum. The evidence speaks for itself. Maybe the Beagles need to see if for themselves, hunting down for all posts on other sites can be time consuming and inconvenient but it’s all been compiled here: Meet the man. It clearly shows how little legal knowledge he had and how his born again profile dispensed with the wild claims he’d previously made.

  4. BillK says:

    It would certainly appear that the Barely Legal Beagles crew were actually stupid enough to buy a used car from this man, when “The truth about him is out there.”

    • Agent 99 says:

      Anyone who studied law at the most basic level would have known that credit searches cannot be reported to the police because they are not a criminal offence, that defamation requires communication of a falsehood to a third party, that defamation claims are not brought in the county court and that you’d need to write a proper letter of claim in accordance with the protocol. Maybe someone pointed that out to the CAG site team at the time, hence he was reborn under another name minus the alleged qualifications. His failings were pointed out to the CAG site team years later and, unlike the Beagles, they had the sense to get rid of him.

      The truth has been out there for six years and has also been brought to the attention of the Beagles, time and again. That was also the case with Mr Beagle, and they eventually saw the light, even when it took four or five years and a lot of blood was drained out of the forum over that period.

  5. Agent 99 says:

    This is probably one of the most useless responses ever posted by Nemesis45: Unbelievable useless response

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