A very interesting new site.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories


  1. Legaleaglet says:

    It has been the festive season so there hasn’t been much of a chance to invite everyone to join the Ban Club! I shall also be inviting a few who haven’t been banned (yet) so I’m sure there will be a lot more stories in the New Year.

  2. John says:

    It will fail because they are all useless. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. People who can’t afford to buy their own homes and live off the state will never make this work.

  3. Legaleaglet says:

    It really is a very interesting new site! Promoting Claims Management Companies and paid DMP providers which were meant to be the ones not only Legal Beagles, but every consumer site in the country, fought against! What a sell-out! There are so many financial products that could be compared: insurance, bank accounts, credit products, investments, pensions, etc. Things we all need and don’t go against the ethos of consumer sites in general. Comparing legal services was one thing, adding CMCs and paid DMPs is beyond belief!

  4. John says:

    And to think Sharon would not hear of a chargeable telephone number for members to call way back in 2006. Times certainly must be hard.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Sharon is not the only owner. She is the one who seems non-materialistic, the same cannot be said about Kate. The third owner was the one who funded the site, maybe he’s decided he’s had enough of that.

  5. Interested Party says:

    Yep, your so right there.

  6. Flaming Parrot says:

    A very nice site indeed! Loving it so far! YES!

    I’m glad to have received the linky. AWESOME! It's all good!

    Will take a look round.

  7. revenge says:

    Pleased to see you here FP, long time no see.

    Looking forward to your comments on this site.

  8. revenge says:

    You well may well be very surprised by the many topics here which have opened my eyes.

    Even I could not imagine when I was made inactive on LB what the reasons were, but now it stands out like a sore thumb as to what they were up to in the building the Compare site using Claims Management companies the very companies we worked very hard to clamp down on with the MOJ and who were ripping off the British public.

    Enjoy your midnight reading.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      I remember very well when a bunch of you were being deactivated one by one and no-one seemed to know what was going on. There were a few theories flying around but nothing concrete. Then a week later I also got banned, just for the company I kept. I didn’t know the reason until I decided to ask and then I was provided with a few arguments but none of them held much water.

      Two years later, it looks like it all has become clear(er). So they wanted to get rid of people like Bill and Tuttsi. Bill because he would provide them with spreadsheets to do their own PPI and Tuttsi because she had fought against CMCs and now they were part of the new site. I guess they could also see the others like Sapphy & Co. up in arms.

  9. BillK says:

    Well – stone the crows ! (if you’ll pardon the expression). I was wondering what all the loud squawking was, so I had to pop back in to take a look, and it’s our old psittacine pal at long last. So glad you found us – we have been mostly keeping ourselves to ourselves and just letting peeps find us as and when they do. You took a bit longer than I thought, FP – but now you’re here – pull up a perch and get stuck in. You’ve got some fun reading to do, and I daresay you’ll have some fun tales to tell when you’re settled in.

    And, yes – I know you’re really a flower – not a parrot. Although I originally thought ‘Flaming Parrot’ was an example of some awful exotic cuisine or a ‘Bush Tucker Trial.’ I was spitting feathers when I found out it wasn’t.

    I see you’ve brought some rather loud smileys with you, but you’ll need to keep them under strict control if you don’t want to get arrested by PC Savage. (It’s an ‘inside’ joke – but you’ll find him eventually)

    Enjoy, ma’am…

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      Hi Bill

      So this is what you’ve been up to all this time since leaving LB? And I thought all you did was spreadsheets!

      Yes, Flaming Parrot is actually a tulip variety and I’ve always been into flowers but I like the freedom of flying and really enjoy squawking and pecking hard.

      Sorry about the smileys, you know I can’t control myself, I promise to be good and not to clutter up your site too badly.

  10. Interested Party says:

    Well, well the Parrot has at last flown in, you say someone gave you a link to this blog, how very kind of them to do that. You may not immediately recognise me via my username but to save you time I still have your email and will pop a quick message over to you introducing myself to you.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      Hi IP!

      Yes, I got a linky from a very kind soul so I decided to come round and take a look.

      Looking forward to that email, always lovely to get back in touch with old friends.

  11. BillK says:

    LOL – I have vague memories of doing spreadsheets & stuff once upon a time in a dingy run-down nut-house far, far away – but perhaps that was in a previous life. I’m doing something a bit more rewarding than sums these days !

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