Back in action

Good to be back online.

I’m sure will be bigger and better than ever!

Expect best debate in a big online society!

Not to mention the latest from the Beagle Land including King Old Fart, Princess Kathryn and Princess Shazza…

…and Bristows,, the shysters who failed to shut us down.

Long live King Old Fart!


  1. BillK says:

    Good to see Allsorts back !

    I look forward to catching up on the exploits of Katherine the Grate and the Beagle Gulag team.

    And indeed a big hello again to Bristows. Time to milk your favourite client again (aka the Gas Man) at last !

    “Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do…”

  2. Revenge says:

    Fantastic news that we are back live and kicking butts again.

  3. Trouble says:

    Nice to see you back

    I can’t wait for a few more nice quotes from our friendly Nemesis, they were always the best parts

  4. Dignity says:

    Thank you Trouble.

    I’m not the owner of this site – just a sidekick – but I willl bit to make sure we are bigger and better.

    There will be some changes, no doubt.

    Watch this space!

  5. Dignity says:

    Back here once again and this time in 2019.

    Further to the latest news, LB is obliged to pay untaken holiday. A bit weird (for someone who is supposed to know the law) that they are referring to a potential gross-misconduct.

    Firstly, you can’t just accuse someone of a gross misconduct without going through the full process of disciplinary.

    Furthermore, even if your employment is termimated following a gross misconduct, you are still entitled to get paid for untaken holiday.

    Looks like this time Nick Spooner will not be willing to save the struggling, barkingly mad Beagles!

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