Do You Believe in Fairytales?


By The Omen

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. In the words of the esteemed Max Bygraves, “Let me tell you a story…”

Once upon a time, there was a forum – and pretty popular it was too. It gave decent advice and its members supported others along their journey, whatever or however hard it was.

One day, a new member appeared – we’ll call him Walter, after Walter Mitty. At first, this person seemed pretty au fait, and he claimed to be (amongst other things) a retired Head Teacher of some pretty posh schools, who now volunteered as a debt counsellor.

One day, he appeared in the chat box screaming “help me – I’m cutting myself, and going to commit hari kari !” So – obviously the caring members were pretty concerned about this person’s safety.

This started to happen on a regular basis…… here are a few examples:-

  • There were stories of naked, over-night rambles on the hills around this person’s home – with him trying to hang himself, and a couple of teenagers coming to the rescue;
  • More (mostly naked) ramblings in the hills, and the Police Helicopter being deployed many times;
    Being sectioned to allegedly prevent this person from self harming;
  • Drinking Bleach;
  • His wife continuously covering for him (isn’t this called Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy ?)

During the many months of this happening, a few people were duped into helping him and his family. Phone numbers were exchanged, and then the late night calls began – all screaming “Help me !”

Weirdly – through all of this – the wife insisted that this was all genuine, and was indeed happening.

During this time, this person had managed to get a man sacked from his job – therefore causing that man hardship.
He had gained the confidence of many, who shared private and personal information – but sadly he betrayed their trust – and has now shared some of those private emails with others, therefore causing the writers extreme embarrassment.

The above forum owners were warned time and again that this person was in fact a Walter Mitty character, but they absolutely denied it, and continued supporting this person. In fact, they removed a valuable resource for others whilst the person running this resource was on a flight to Hong Kong – all on Walter Mitty’s say so. The other people who used this valuable resource were left high and dry, with nowhere to go for help, consolation or support.

The site admin in their routine work kept finding out lots of things about Walter – and yes admittedly – they did a bit of investigating into the admin control panel after some strange ‘anomalies’ came to light. This is what an admin’s job entails, so this was nothing more than any responsible and diligent admin would be expected to do if they cared about a site. But one day shortly afterwards, these admin were demoted – and then next day were removed from the site completely.

So here’s a warning to you all, children. Next time you’re going for a walk in the hills and you meet up with a naked rambler – todger swinging around like mad, swigging bleach from a bottle, singing “I Love to go a-Wandering” and yodelling – then you had better run like hell, because this guy will cause you no end of trouble.hero-dog-and-fox

This is only a little story and any resemblance to any individuals, dead or alive, is purely coincidental. Also note that no animals of any kind (dogs, rats, or any other species), were harmed in the making of this story.


  1. Interested Party says:

    Hello The Omen and welcome to Allsorts, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that ‘Fairytale’ before, can’t think of where though, but I have heard it.

    Hmmmmm so beware all those who like to go ‘A wandering up on a mountain track’ eh.

  2. Big Al says:

    It’ll all be denied of course. He never learns.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      There’s no way to deny something when there’s solid physical evidence, such as printouts of screenshots that went much further than our fairy tale character in his travels.

  3. Interested Party says:

    Of course it will be denied, after all it is (allegedly) a Fairytale.

  4. Dignity says:

    The best thing to do with this particular person is to completely ignore him. If no-one takes notice of his alleged mental conditions, helicopters flying etc. he’ll soon shut up. I really don’t understand why people have been feeding his fantasies.

    When it comes to ‘Walter’ getting someone sacked, this resulted in the sacked person losing their family home!

  5. BillK says:

    Welcome to Allsorts, Omen – and thank you for your tale, which will probably be familiar to many people.

    There are certainly some parallels between this story and the current goings-on in Barely Legal Beagles, where the site owners themselves completely ignored the overwhelming evidence that this guy was a complete charlatan and a danger to the site itself. This was clearly a deliberate denial, because as soon as the admins had discovered hidden ‘anomalies’ in the site’s ‘back room’ control panel, their access was withdrawn, and they were shown the door. The clear evidence of a similar charlatan vandalising what little there is left of BLB’s credibility – and causing forum members to lose claims through his sheer incompetence – is being ignored. Similarly, those who dare to raise concerns – or even try and help the poor misdirected members – are shown the door.

    One has to wonder if the ‘alleged’ madness of ‘Walter Mitty’ was/is in fact a widespread mental illness among the site owners, who clearly seemed to have an irrational need to protect him at all costs with feigned sympathy. FWIW, I have previously pointed out to the site owners that such dangerous creatures walk among us, and constant vigilance is needed. Alas, it seems my advice – and that of other Allsorts – is being ignored, just like in the fairy tale. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      That seems typical of LB’s MO, to protect their Chosen Ones, just as they’re doing with Their Nemesis, who seems to have regained VIP status. History just keeps repeating itself. People who challenge either one of their Chosen Ones or their judgment end up joining the Ban Club.

  6. Legaleaglet says:

    A very warm welcome to The Omen from All Sorts, and a most interesting fairy tale. I think there could be a book here somewhere.

  7. BillK says:

    I think I’ll wait until the video comes out – although I believe it could cost considerably more than yer average Disney job – LOL !!!

    • Legaleaglet says:

      You know how it is, the movie is never quite as good as the book! Many moons ago I read Needful Things, all 1000+ pages of it, and it’s funny how the way some of the forums work reminded me of that infamous shop where everyone seemed to find exactly what they were looking for, and all the good deals they were able to get with Mr Leland Gaunt. Then when I saw the movie, it was rather disappointing, nearly half of the stuff in the book was missing. Good plots had been left out to make room for more scenes of mayhem and special FX.

      Maybe we should title this one “A Nightmare on Beagle Street”, it could well outsell the original Freddy Krueger blockbuster.

  8. revenge says:

    Well done to The Omen, very beautifully written.

    It seems that everything you state in there is very true of Mr Walter Mitty.

    Looking forwards to more Fairy Tales very soon.

  9. grimreaper says:

    Welcome to All Sorts The Omen. I believe that I am also familiar with these events and the personalities involved. I have no love whatsoever for either of them. I will refer to the naked rambler (alleged) as Person A and the person allegedly who got sacked as Person B. From my records and memory of those heady days on another forum it has to be said that Person B boasted openly on a number of occasions as to their exploits alleged in the report to their employers. Therefore it is my view that in many ways the reports by Person A to Person B’s employer were brought about by Person B’s own conduct in public. Of course those boasts may well have been just bravado, who is to know fully and whether Person A could have handled the situation in a much better way is also open to question. Being aware of the personalities and the over bearing egotism of one of the players suggests that it became inevitable. I am not judging the morality of the report.

    Secondly a statement has been made here concerning the loss of property by Person B due to the sacking from the report of Person A. If all the brouhaha was to be believed there were other very serious matters in the pipeline as regards this property in which I was led to believe pt2537 was the legal representative.

    As stated I have no love for any of them but I do believe very strongly that if the integrity of this site is to be maintained and its credibility sustained, during character assassinations of this nature being carried out at least the full facts as known should be presented to enable judgements to be made. Yes I have suffered as have many others, (some here) at the hands of these characters.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      I believe the legal representative in question was also known to have said “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. Very wise words indeed, which would apply to the situation you describe above, and to any situation when people take the law into their own hands so to speak. For example, if you see someone taking an old lady’s wallet on the street, should you get your knife out and stab him to death? Probably not! If everyone did that, then we’d be living in the Wild West.

  10. Interested Party says:

    Hi Grimreaper, I understand what you are saying, I’ve read and re-read the story, the author (The Omen) did say it was a Fairytale, a story. I think we should all treat it as that,purely a story, no more, no less.

  11. revenge says:

    Yes it is a very good fairy tale and it will stay that way for ever and ever. AMEN

  12. Flaming Parrot says:

    Fairy tales can be inspirational, this particular one inspired me to write a post of my own: Beagle betrayal: who can you trust?

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