Have you got PPI?


RIP LB PPI boardsOnce upon a time, PPI reclaims were one of the staples of Legal Beagles. There was even a Working Group with a number of members dedicated to producing spreadsheets and performing in-depth calculations of redress that went beyond what the banks and the “schemes” usually pay out, if at all.

Like many of the original areas of the forum which attracted the most attention and posters, it has been left to languish and PPI has become another ghost town. Evidence of the total neglect of that side of things can be seen in posts like this one, which are left unanswered because there’s no-one around who understands these matters.

This one refers to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, should be quite straightforward, but no-one has responded to what’s a rather basic question, probably because those who knew about these matters have joined either the Ban Club or the Buggered Off Club. They’ve actually posted twice, no response to either post.

This other one is a little more complicated. The OP has obviously been using the services of one of them CMCs that love cold calling and don’t provide all the information up-front. There’s been no responses either. The CMC want a whooping 39% of the redress which the OP has clearly already disposed of. They are saying other companies charge just 17%. The Beagles may say this is why they set up LB Compare, but that won’t be much use to this OP, who already entered into an agreement without being fully aware of what was going on.

CMC Chaos

This is yet another post where the Beagles haven’t been able to come up with the goods:




  1. BillK says:

    Blimey – the Rankines !!!

    Shaz & Jules’ closet role-models !

  2. Dignity says:

    But Old Fart won’t be happy about the idea of a new forum. Little birds are singing that he has tried to get this site closed :(

  3. Jon says:

    Which old fart are we talking about here

    A 6 day 70 year old or someone with delusions of grandeur . Oh sorry that doesn’t help much does it

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