It’s a numbers game


LB statsFollowing on from quantity over quality and the observations of Interested Party in their comments about “bums on seats”, it looks like we were right all along. The idea is to be able to show that Legal Beagles has big numbers. Lots of traffic, lots of members, lots of posts and lots of new members joining every day. It is definitely a numbers game as can be seen on this page of their new comparison site LB Compare.

You can’t have a comparison site without participants and no-one is going to participate unless they see it’s worth getting in there. No doubt the Beagles have been working on this project for a while, and this would explain a lot of their decisions, many of which didn’t seem to make any sense at the time they were made, such as the site clearouts or their implicit acceptance of their Nemesis who seems to be Legal Beagles answer to the Duracell Bunny and posts compulsively without bothering to read. In fact, he often posts without typing, merely copies and pastes content he’s got stored on his computer, as can be seen by the line breaks that do not stretch the full width of the post.

It all begins to add up

Getting rid of people who offered genuine help makes sense now we are seeing this new site. Just think about it: if you were getting free help on Legal Beagles with your PPI reclaim, would you pay a Claims Management Company 30% or so of your redress? If you are able to manage your own creditors, perhaps with a little help from your forum friends on LB, would you pay a DMP provider? Of course not! Hence people who were good with debt matters were removed from the site as was the PPI guru and the person who fought tirelessly against the abuses of some CMCs over the past seven years. No surprises there.

As previously noted, not every member is an active member, in fact the majority haven’t logged in in years, which is why LB no longer has a members list, it wouldn’t look good if you could see how many of the nearly 70,000 members only posted once or twice, years ago, and how many just registered without ever posting, not to mention the many who may have posted quite a bit, but only while dealing with their own issues, once those were resolved, they never went back. They can hardly be counted as ‘active’ members if they never return, but how does anyone know that? Looking at their last activity, of course, but that would require looking at everyone’s profiles and you’d see the ones who are currently posting and not the ones who’ve not been back in five years.


  1. Interested Party says:

    Now imagine if they were to remove the posts of ‘banned users’ for starters, the holes would be enormous, add into that the ‘buggered off’ crew and their site would be like the dark side of the moon.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Actually, you make a very interesting point! Sapphire had over 6,000 posts I think, maybe more.
      Bill-K 4,000
      Tuttsi 7,000
      Clever Clogs 9,000
      PlanB 2,800
      Inca 4,100
      Wombats 1,100
      Jon1965 1,400
      Flaming Parrot 9,900
      Peterbard 1,300
      Starving Taxpayer 400
      We have a total of approx. 30,000 for the Ban Club

      Cetelco 2,600
      Curlyben 5,000
      Garlok 365
      Gorang 780
      Charitynjw 5,000
      Amy 4,700
      Happy Contrails 400
      WendyB 4,800
      Xena 1,000
      A total of nearly 25,000 for the Buggered Off Club

      All in all, over 55,000 posts would disappear off the face of Beagleland!

      • Banned beagle says:

        It’s of little consequence, 55,000 posts in 8 years by two dozen people, that’s no way to run a site. By the end of the year, Nemesis will have more than that, all by himself.

  2. Interested Party says:

    Don’t forget all the guides etc that were posted by some of the above, now if they along with the posts were all removed there would be a hell of a lot of tumbleweed on there.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Oh yes, over the years, many of the people above wrote guides and brought their knowledge into the site. If that was to go, a lot of the site’s content would also go, however, they’re not going to remove that, are they? They remove the authors but not their contributions. In some cases, content provided by others was just taken by the admins who passed it off as their own in their own guides.

  3. revenge says:

    I agree 100%

  4. Legaleaglet says:

    Well, now we know where the numbers were going:

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