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An update

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a few selected examples of posters who had not received responses to their posts. They included court claims, CCJ enforcement and a potential eviction. None of them trivial matters. Two weeks later, did any of them actually get any help from the Beagles? Let’s revisit them and look at them one by one.

Bailiffs on the way

This poster was left in the lurch dealing with a warrant of control, the bailiffs are due to call in on Monday and the Beagles have not replied in over a week!

Bailiff on the way

 Three weeks after that post was made, there were never any replies. SunFlowerSeed said they really appreciated the help they were getting, but they didn’t get much, did they? For all we know, the bailiff may have called and taken control of some of their belongings, we just don’t know. 

Student facing eviction after withholding rent

Over a week later, this rather straightforward question never got a reply: Student in trouble with landlord.

The OP has said they owe thousands in rent arrears, this means they could well end up being evicted, the Beagles were no help.

Student in trouble

 Three weeks later, the post never got any replies and the OP never returned to LB. For all we know, they may well be homeless by now. Withholding rent is rarely a good idea, even when landlords refuse to make repairs, even less so when there is just a noise problem with fellow students. Someone should have popped in and told them that, but no-one did.  

£7,000 claim ignored

This poster received a claim and never got any responses: Claim from Hoist Portfolio.

Hoist claim

 More than three weeks later, they never received a response. The claim was issued a month ago and, at that point, they had not even acknowledged service. If they didn’t do so, poor mariab will be receiving notice of default judgment in Hoist’s favour by now. 

Simple question ignored

The title of this thread is slightly misleading because you don’t get summoned to Northampton court, however, if anyone had bothered to read the thread, they could have seen that, what they were trying to say, was that they had received a claim. They were left in the lurch, no wonder they never came back: Can I change a court I have been summoned to.

Unanswered claim

 Kalookee was left totally in the lurch and there was never any response to a very simple question, which was that Northampton isn’t really a court you have to attend and that, should the case progress to a trial, it would be transferred to their local hearing centre. They should have acknowledged the claim, otherwise they’ll now  be receiving a little letter stating judgment in favour of the claimant. If they were told to fill out the court forms, there was probably neither an acknowledgment of service, nor a defence submitted. No-one on LB told them what to do. 

Missed deadline?

This poster, who is dealing with a claim, only received half a reply, and no guidance whatsoever about their claim. Where was the ever helpful Nemesis? Lowell v Dalan.

Lowell Claim

 There were no further responses here. They were supposed to return the DQ by the 27th. It’s a very straightforward matter but there was no-one around to provide guidance to Dalan. 

£9,000 claim got ignored

This poster received a claim over £9k, no-one replied to their two posts, made nearly a month ago: Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 v cmith123.

If they didn’t acknowledge the claim, they’d very likely have a CCJ in default against them. If they submitted an AoS, their defence will be due any minute now. They’re not likely to come back to ask. Nem, where were you?

Hoist Claim May

 No-one ever responded to this poster’s two cries for help and, with the claim issued nearly six weeks ago, if they didn’t acknowledge and submit a defence, they will also have received their notification of default judgment.  

Tagging doesn’t mean replying

Despite bumping up the thread twice, Andy Mill got no response from either of them, not even Super Nem, and he obviously gave up. The claim was only a small amount but he was an existing member and should have received an answer: Lowell again.

Andy Mill

 Despite tagging @Amethyst and @Nemesis, neither responded. It was a relatively small amount and it was also a very simple matter but they were clearly worried and no-one was around to help. Maybe they found another forum. 

Halfway help

Their Nemesis started “helping” this poster but left them in the lurch in the end: Notice of proposed allocation received 45 days after original claim and still no CCA.

Steve 65

 They never got a response from either Nem the Great nor anyone else. Maybe they wrote to HC and said the wrong thing, maybe they didn’t. It’s been over six weeks and they will be proceeding to court all by themselves, as the Beagles were no help. Let’s hope they found another source of help.  

£3,600 claim totally ignored

This poster got a claim over £3k and never got a reply, they submitted a defence so they should be OK but there was no help from the Beagles whatsoever: Lowell v Drefsab.

Lowell claim

 There was never any response and it’s been nearly two months. If they didn’t manage to find out how they should respond and failed to acknowledge and/or defend the claim, they’d have received their default CCJ by now. 

Jobs in jeopardy

This poster received notice of an application for an attachment of earnings for an unknown CCJ, this should be easy to deal with, yet no reply. PAWS did her best to bump up the thread, to no avail: Attachment of earnings hoist portfolio.


 Over two months later, there were never any responses. It’s a rather simple matter to request a suspended AoE order, but something that can make the different between keeping your job and losing it, some employers don’t like people with CCJs and there may even be contractual clauses about it. Sadly no-one was around to point bluesmartie in the right direction, or to tell them that, since they knew nothing about the CCJ, they could consider applying to have it set aside. 

Another AoE applied for, wanting what could be a third of their salary! Does anyone know about protected earnings and all that? Clearly not!


 Jaydav2300 never got a single reply to what would have been a rather straightforward matter. Vanquis cards do not have big credit limits, so this CCJ isn’t likely to be for a high amount, therefore they shouldn’t be asking for £419 a month. There is a financial statement on the N56 form to be returned to request a suspended AoE order where you can make an affordable offer. Simples. Sadly no-one was around to tell them that.  


In conclusion, not one of the posters got a single reply after this post was made, over two weeks ago. Some would have got CCJs or attachment of earnings orders, others may have gone to other sites or found other sources of help, hopefully that will have been the case. Either way, the Beagles were no help whatsoever to any of these posters. Not even Their Nemesis replied, although that may not be such a bad thing after all.

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  1. BillK says:

    Well, we know that the Legal Beagles Team (or at least one of them anyway) is constantly monitoring the Legal Allsorts forum, and they have clearly acted on what they have read on many occasions – mostly to protect themselves. They cannot therefore deny knowledge of these highlighted posts/threads, and are therefore wilfully ignoring them. So this is not just some comedic crass incompetence – it is a conscious effort to attract posters who are being led to believe that they will receive good advice – and then to ignore them and leave them to their fate.

    Although the LB Team openly discourage members from giving advice via PM, there is of course nothing to stop the Team from waiting until the poster is in a desperate state and then privately offering them the services of one of the LBcompare solicitors – such as Howlett Clarke – to give an entirely random example ! To us at Allsorts (and the rest of the forum world), it would appear that the poster has simply given up or gone elsewhere – but they may simply have been privately enticed toward engaging a LBcompare solicitor. I doubt if such ‘entrapment’ is going to be seen by the SRA or Law Society as a fit and proper way to introduce or obtain clients.

    Clearly, Legal Beagles no longer has any interest in helping its members at all – so one cannot help but conclude that sending them to their LBcompare ‘clients’ is obviously now the sole reason for Legal Beagles’ existence IMHO.

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