No reply

no reply

This poster was left in the lurch dealing with a warrant of control, the bailiffs are due to call in on Monday and the Beagles have not replied in over a week!

Bailiff on the way

Over a week later, this rather straightforward question never got a reply: Student in trouble with landlord.

The OP has said they owe thousands in rent arrears, this means they could well end up being evicted, the Beagles were no help.

Student in trouble

This poster received a claim and never got any responses: Claim from Hoist Portfolio.

Hoist claim

The title of this thread is slightly misleading because you don’t get summoned to Northampton court, however, if anyone had bothered to read the thread, they could have seen that, what they were trying to say, was that they had received a claim. They were left in the lurch, no wonder they never came back: Can I change a court I have been summoned to.

Unanswered claim

Where was Nem the Greatest?

This poster, who is dealing with a claim, only received half a reply, and no guidance whatsoever about their claim. Where was the ever helpful Nemesis? Lowell v Dalan.

Lowell Claim

This poster received a claim over £9k, no-one replied to their two posts, made nearly a month ago: Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 v cmith123.

If they didn’t acknowledge the claim, they’d very likely have a CCJ in default against them. If they submitted an AoS, their defence will be due any minute now. They’re not likely to come back to ask. Nem, where were you?

Hoist Claim May

Despite bumping up the thread twice, Andy Mill got no response from either of them, not even Super Nem, and he obviously gave up. The claim was only a small amount but he was an existing member and should have received an answer: Lowell again.

Andy Mill

Their Nemesis started “helping” this poster but left them in the lurch in the end: Notice of proposed allocation received 45 days after original claim and still no CCA.

Steve 65

This poster got a claim over £3k and never got a reply, they submitted a defence so they should be OK but there was no help from the Beagles whatsoever: Lowell v Drefsab.

Lowell claim

This poster received notice of an application for an attachment of earnings for an unknown CCJ, this should be easy to deal with, yet no reply. PAWS did her best to bump up the thread, to no avail: Attachment of earnings hoist portfolio.


Another AoE applied for, wanting what could be a third of their salary! Does anyone know about protected earnings and all that? Clearly not!


This poster found an unexpected CCJ, posted the full story, total silence: Just ran a soft credit report and found out about a CCJ at my old address.

This is what happens when it’s all left up to people like their Nemesis. He really has been a great help, hasn’t he? Maybe if the Beagles were able to see that they need more posters, preferably who know what they are doing, this wouldn’t happen. Obviously Their Nemesis wouldn’t know the first thing about many of these subjects, hence the need for a mix.


  1. BillK says:

    Oh bugger. How long has this post been here ? Oh well, good luck with it, anyway !!!

  2. BillK says:

    I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a comment, Nick, Shaz & crew. How does that one-liner go again – ah yes – “How do you keep a Wayne Kerr in suspense…?”

    When “I thought it was tomorrow ! Bugger….” is the only response from an alleged ‘Forum Owner’ to a poster who has come home from a court appearance that day with a CCJ thanks to that very forum’s ‘expert’ advice – then the string of above ‘No Reply’ examples comes as no surprise. I think it will be safe to assume that the word will now be spreading like wildfire that Legal Beagles is truly not only sunk, but is sucking at least two law firms down with it.

    “We’re going to need a bigger boat” – Shaz once quoted me from ‘Jaws’ in response to questions as to what they were playing at. Even Captain Pugwash knew that if you need a bigger boat, the last thing you should do is maroon your key crew members and leave the remaining idiots in charge. So – here’s a big “ahoy” to you idiots from Roger the Cabin Boy & Seaman Staines et al over here aboard the Flying Dustbin – give our regards to Davey Jones, won’t you ?

    And of course, the punch-line to the one liner is……

  3. Interested Party says:

    The site that cares…… Bugger it, said Sharon, I forget that’s our motto and then she trotted off back into wonderland…… ie….. I wonder where she is, I wonder where Kate is, I wonder where they all are and of course the best one….. I wonder what friggin planet the lot of them are on.

  4. Agent 99 says:

    This OP received a claim for £17k and has, so far, got no help from the Beagles. OK, so the post hasn’t been there for ages, but surely someone could have at least, pointed them in the right direction. The claim was issued nearly 10 days ago so the OP is running out of time to acknowledge. They’d really need someone who knows their stuff to take them through his one, the question is, is there anyone left? Help please recieved court claim

  5. Interested Party says:

    And so it goes on, desperate people looking for help and not receiving it over there, those poor, poor people, ok I openly admit that I wasn’t the greatest at advice, but I was there on hand to lend a listening ear, I supported the people and most importantly guided the help towards them.
    LB’s team right now disgusts me.

    • Agent 99 says:

      Sometimes all it takes is someone to flag things up, ask questions and post links to forum resources to start with, so that people at least feel there’s someone there. They can’t expect an instant reply to every question but it’s good to know their matter is being looked into.

      The poster above appears to have found their way to an alternative forum before getting a response from Amethyst.

  6. Agent 99 says:

    They were clearly out of their depth here: when a claimant asked for help with drafting directions for a multi-track case. This is what happens when you have a number of one trick ponies, they all seem to know exactly what to do when a debtor receives a claim for a small amount but give them something a little trickier and they fall down.

  7. Agent 99 says:

    Note how they’ve all steered clear of this one, because the OP left it a bit late and now the deadline for fling a defence is upon them and they’ve not given the claimant enough time to respond to their requests for documents. Where are you Nem?

  8. Agent 99 says:

    Looks like this OP: H2P2 Cohens Lloyds Overdraft Claim Form Received was completely ignored by the Beagles and left to fend for himself, or was he? Maybe not: The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Posts

    • Agent 99 says:

      It looks like they are taking notice of what’s being posted on here, Amethyst has now finally responded to that thread. As they say, better late than never. Shame posts are still going missing though.

  9. Interested Party says:

    Wonder what or whom she finally peeled herself from this time to reply to a suffering client ?

  10. BillK says:

    She appears to have a liking for Louis Vuitton…

  11. Agent 99 says:

    This poor poster had an order for sale hearing last Friday, she posted about it on Wednesday, no-one replied: Charging-order-on-house!

    It may have been a bit late to get the hearing postponed but, at the very least, she could have received a few helpful pointers as to what to say and what arguments to use.

  12. Interested Party says:

    Absolutely bloody disgusting, I am furious that this woman has been so badly let down. I really hope that this woman and those who you have severely let down lately take action against you all for letting them down so badly.
    Sharon I know you read this blog, just be honest for once, stop hiding behind the shirt tails of Jules and the bank account of Nick, for once in your sorry life either get off your backside and start helping people or do the decent thing and do as you threatened a few years ago and walk away.
    The truth of the matter is that this new venture is not going to earn you enough to retire in the sun, it’s doomed to fail, just like all of you are.
    It’s about time the rat’s started to abandon the sinking ship that once was the magnificent Legal Beagles and is now more like a ghost ship sailing through the Bermuda Triangle.

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