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ClampBailiff area clamped down

The bailiff help area was once the most active and important parts of the site,  probably the best free bailiff resource available online. The New Management took care of things by banning almost everyone who contributed to the subject. OK, so there were a few arguments and disagreements here, probably more than in the other areas, but then that’s what forums are for: to discuss issues. Or are they? Probably not this one by the sounds of it. If things get out of hand, that’s when moderators come in, only they don’t have any here, delegating is a dirty word in Beagleland.

Keep calm and claim PPIHave you got PPI?

I hope not, because there’s no-one there to help these days. Legal Beagles once had some of the best resources available online and a working group dedicated to the task. The main contributor, the King of the Spreadsheet was, sadly, banned nearly two years ago and his loyal friend and fellow PPI specialist took off and only pays the occasional visit. The PPI area is nearly deserted and hardly anyone takes a look any more.

broken sapphire glassFounding member who ran the site for seven years run down

One of the original members who set up the site, gave up her time and even put her own business at risk for the sake of keeping Legal Beagles up and running and free from spam and abuse for seven years, was unceremoniously booted out without so much as a bye or leave. Despite becoming a personal friend of the owners, one day she found herself demoted from her position without a warning, this was swiftly followed by a total ban. The member in question was a real gem who offered comfort and solace to people suffering mental health problems in addition to her admin duties.

EvictionHousing expert evicted

At some point the site acquired the benefit of an experienced housing expert who knew all there is to know about mortgages, repossession, landlord-tenant relations, property issues, neighbour disputes and much more. Her contribution saved a number of members’ homes and put many others’ minds at rest, yet the member in question was banned nearly two years ago, for reasons unknown. The housing section of the site has all but died since. Apart from her housing expertise, this member had a very sound legal knowledge.

Dead ParrotCourt parrot knocked off her perch

More than a year after the eviction of the housing specialist, a disabled long-standing member was in grave danger of losing his home. In the absence of any real housing expertise, another member referred him to a legal professional to save his home. The result? You guessed it! The member in question was the first one to bring the idea of unenforceability to the site and the original author of the pre-action protocol and disclosure letters to be used when dealing with money claims. She transferred a lot of her own resources to the site and was top poster throughout most of 2015, having helped hundreds of members with their debt problems and court claims.

Keep calm and claim PPIClaims management activist deactivated

Back in the day when Legal Beagles was top of the consumer sites, they actively fought against scams and rip-offs. There was a working group dedicated to dealing with CMCs, headed by one of the site owners. One group members who was also a founding member often worked tirelessly night and day alongside the site owners, her loyalty was repaid with an unexplained ban.

disbarredConsumer Credit law guru disbarred

One long-standing member was well-known for his knowledge of consumer credit legislation. Having been involved in the area since the days when the Consumer Credit Act was born in the 70s, he knew every section by heart along with many other pieces of consumer legislation. He was particularly knowledgeable about car finance, hire purchase agreements and voluntary terminations, and also knew a thing or two about bailiffs, the Data Protection Act and limitation. Somehow he got on the wrong side of the Powers that Be and got banned, more than once.


  1. Interested Party says:

    Having been a member of forums for quite a few years, I did post on the above forum infrequently and watched when certain people were unceremoniously removed from it. It seemed that the owners believed that they were above all others and were untouchable, the rumour was that one decided that she would concentrate on home life and left the site to run itself, when problems arose she had to be begged to help out, the other thought she were a high flying lawyer and had delusions of grandeur.

    • BannedBeagle says:

      One thing that always struck me about that place is how few people they had in charge of running a site of that size. It must be hard for those in charge to manage the site, remove spam and duplicate posts, merge threads and still have time to reply to questions. Not one person can be a forum manager and web developer as well as an expert in civil litigation, employment, housing, consumer issues, bailiff regulations and everything else. A site is only as good as its people and removing those who know their stuff and relying on just a couple of posters to manage the site and reply to every thread is just impossible.

  2. Dignity says:

    Nothing lasts forever. It’s clear that the Beagles hay days are over.

    Only time will tell if their legal comparison service works. With so much free advice still available, I can’t see any sensible person paying for services that are free elsewhere.

    Should this business have a consumer credit licence. The Beagles have been questioning other sites not having a consumer credit licence. I think they should get their own house in order first.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      No idea whether their comparison site will be a success. In response to the other question, I don’t think a price comparison site would need to be authorised. The site doesn’t offer financial services or advice, just collates a number of service providers.

      If anyone should be authorised it would be Nemesis, not so much for posting on Legal Beagles but because he allegedly ‘helps’ people with debt problems privately, he’s always been posting about it.

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