Can he read?

CCA Request letter

We all know Nemesis can’t read, so it comes as no surprise to see that, yet again, he comes up with the wrong answer here: CCA Request letter. The OP had sent a CCA request and received what looked like an illegible copy. Nemesis is quick to jump in and say that it can be rejected because it’s illegible. Well, yes, but, why would you do that now? Wouldn’t it be better to wait until they make contact again, and then start by saying they’ve not complied with the CCA request? If they then come back saying: “but we did, we sent you a copy on…” you can then say: “but that doesn’t satisfy the request because it’s not legible…”

Nemesis loves drafting letters so he is quick to tell the OP to write back saying they “formally reject” the document that was sent. No idea what he hopes to achieve by doing that, other than the usual, i.e. to make himself look important on LB.

He had commented with regards to the legibility and told the OP to reject the document, something you wouldn’t do when a claim has been issued, would you? You would use that as part of your defence. So, at 9:39am he is obviously aware that no claim has been issued, yet, when he comes back four hours later, he goes on about a claim:

3.possibilities they carry on regardless, drop the claim, or leave the claim stayed by the court in the hope of finding something better.Nem

The OP then comes back saying they’ve not even threatened court action yet.

CCA Request letter

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  1. BillK says:

    I really can’t understand how or why they continue to let this idiot post his garbage, when they know full well how dangerous it is.

    However, I notice that at least one of the Authorised Representatives – Diana M (notably not one of the Howlett Clarke five) – has at least made an effort to help there, bless her. Good on her, say I.

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