Inconsistencies and politics

Fairfax Solicitors-Eversheds & Dept.Work & pensions 2016-07-08 22-05-51

We all know that Nemesis has been highly inconsistent throughout his foral “career”, swinging from one side to the other. For those not acquainted with his illustrious past on the CAG forum, this is a prime example of how he contradicts himself. Back in 2010, he was very vociferous against the government and its attempts at recovering taxpayers money, going as far as to call it a “rip off” by the previous Labour government.

Five years later, he had switched sides, and now the money they DWP wants to recover is *OUR* money and must be reclaimed. The measures to allow recovery after the expiry of the limitation period are, in his learned opinion as a taxpayer, a reasonable action. He then goes on to say that comments made on another post regarding the unfairness of the situation whereby the government can still recover the money after the debt is statute barred, show little knowledge of the serious problems, etc.

This change of heart could well be due to the fact that he favours the extreme right wing Tory government that was in place in 2015 over the previous Labour government which was in place until 2010. So if Labour were doing it, it was wrong, but if the Tories did the same thing, it was perfectly fine. Just the kind of attitude an impartial debt advisor should have!

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