Is it money or is it a date?

Lowell Dates

We have seen how Nemesis often doesn’t bother to read previous posts before jumping in. Sometimes he does read, and even quotes, OP’s posts, yet he’s still unable to understand even a basic sentence. Here the OP clearly says that they ordered some items which were around £200. The pound sign isn’t there but it’s quite obvious when you read the text that follows, where it says “it ended up with Lowell at 395” and “they now want 513.63”. There are no pound signs on any of them figures but it’s clear they are amounts of money and the OP had a debt of around £200 which has grown to over £500.

The OP clearly gives the full date as 10/06/2011, yet Nemesis asks for “clarification of dates” and thinks “200” is a mistyping of “2000” as in year 2000! If he’s not able to understand what he reads even when written in very plain English, it is little wonder he so often ends up giving completely wrong advice and missing out on vital points.

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