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Welcome Committee

What do you do if there’s nothing to post on? Most people would just switch on the TV, pick up the phone, read a book or go outside, but that doesn’t apply if you are Sir Nem. Having been elbowed out from some of *his* threads, he has to show off and make his presence felt one way or other. Creating his own Meeting’n’Greeting Committee is as good a start as any. No doubt, this newbie will get the impression that Nem is someone important there, who will direct the “employment experts” to this post. Referring to posters as “experts” on a public forum is tricky and places a burden on whoever responds. Clearly he is no expert on employment, or anything else for that matter, but still has to step in regardless.


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  1. Agent 99 says:

    Despite Nem’s best efforts, it looks like there were no employment experts capable of responding. In fact, the Legal Beagles employment area is full of unanswered threads with zero replies. Looks like the Beagles are lacking n this area. That’s a consequence of putting most of their eggs in one basket. There used to be some members who were knowledgeable in employment matters, if not real “experts” but, being just random posters (as opposed to part of a community), they come and go.

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