Quantity over quality


A very interesting point has been made by one of our commentators: that Legal Beagles prefer quantity over quality. This can also been seen in their latest Facebook Christmas message quoted here: Blowing their own trumpet where they brag about how many new members they acquired in 2015 and how many unique visitors they had. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all want to be popular and, when it comes to forums, the more the merrier. However, it would seem that all the Beagles care about is the raw statistics as opposed to what they mean.

There are some Banned Club members who had access to the inner workings of the Legal Beagles back-end admin, perhaps they know whether the admins delete spammer accounts or just leave them banned. I know at least one forum where the owner decided not to delete the spammers for the sake of building up the numbers, after all, banned members do not appear in the members list, in fact, Legal Beagles no longer has a members list!

Even without spammers inflating the member count, it is very clear that not every member is an active member. Legal Beagles have decided to show all banned members as ‘inactive’ which is a bit of a misnomer and gives the impression that people have just not bothered logging in for a while. In fact, a lot of not inactive members are not active either, when the members list was still available, you could see the majority of members had only posted once or twice and some registered and never posted. Perhaps that’s the reason the member list has been removed from view.

When the punters ask questions, someone has to answer them, and the Beagles also like to have lots of posts. To that effect, they value (at least temporarily) those they class as “prolific posters”, a term that has been used to describe a number of people who are now Ban Club members but who were appreciated because of their number of posts.

One such prolific poster is still very much active and his main skill is the ability to churn out more posts per minute than anyone else. This is not due to a high typing speed but the fact that he obviously keeps chunks of ‘boilerplate’ text in a text file on his computer, ready to copy and paste. This can be clearly seen on many of his posts because they don’t stretch the full width of the postbox as they would if they had been typed, they have clearly been copied over from a file with line breaks in certain places. More on this rather interesting character: Their Nemesis.

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