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Legal Beagles could have been the best of its kind. There aren’t that many UK consumer forums out there. There is one that deals with money matters, but most posters on there tend to be rather judgmental, they only like people who work hard, save up, live frugally, pay their debts and don’t drink or gamble. People who don’t need much help really. There are sites that deal mostly with debt, in various ways, from arguing that debts are not enforceable (and hoping that the creditor will believe their arguments) to Freemen of the Land.

Consumer haven

There are sites dedicated to bailiff issues and others specialise in PPI or parking penalties. There aren’t many sites that address the many issues consumers often face under one roof, using statute and case law objectively, nor are there many places where people can post up about their problems without some goody-two-shoes shouting at them: “consider yourself lucky”, “get a job” or “pay your debts”. It makes you wonder why they make it their mission in life to echo what the Establishment would have already told them time and time again. What is the point of joining a forum if they are just going to tell you the exact same thing as you’d hear from the creditor, the bank, the DWP, HMRC, etc.?

Legal Beagles was generally less judgmental than other sites without going as far as those that preach that people shouldn’t pay anything, not even council tax, even when they risk imprisonment. It also covered a wide range of issues, from employment to family law, from housing to money matters, making it a one-stop shop for consumers. If you had any other queries relating to goods purchased, telecoms or techy stuff, there was usually someone who knew the answer.

Legal Beagles Advisory Service

Sadly the micro-management of the site led to a lot of banned beagles and many more who either left for good or decided to visit and post infrequently. This has resulted in whole sections of the site turning into ghost towns. The days when Legal Beagles was a nice little community where you discuss issues as well as chat are now a distant memory. The site has turned into an advisory service for people with money claims who rely on either their debts being statute barred or the creditors not supplying the documents.

Legal Beagles is no longer a discussion forum, there’s hardly any exchange of views or opinions, all that was swiftly suppressed by The New Management, starting in the Autumn of 2013. These days people post questions and The Management, or one of her entourage, responds. They may boast about how many members they’ve got but the vast majority of them only pop in to post up on their own threads, they are hardly ‘active members’ in the true sense of the word, they treat the site like an online advisory facility. Once their issues are resolved, hardly any of them will bother logging in again, let alone contributing to other threads, and that’s not their fault, no, it’s just the way The Management wants it.

 Legal Beagles Consumer Forum is dead.
Legal Beagles Advisory Service lives on, for now…


  1. grimreaper says:

    My observations were not as keen as this commentary. I had given up really a long time before and ploughed my own furrow. However I do note a parallel with another Ahem site. From someone who is now an outsider there seems to be rather too much cross fertilisation there.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Spot on! The owners of various fora do appear to share some similar traits. The question is: Do people with certain personality traits become forum owners for that reason, or do people acquire those traits as a result of running fora for years?

  2. BillK says:

    FWIW, I have attempted a quasi-Shakespearian observation here:-

  3. Legaleaglet says:

    You do have a way with words, Bill!

    I was reading about that precise subject on Quora (and international forum about everything and anything) the other day, it was most interesting.

  4. Inciteful says:

    I would suggest that from a psychological viewpoint you might want to google NPD

    The above is just one of many sites that discuss this particular affliction

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Seems to be quite widespread in the foral world. Perhaps it’s something you catch over cyberspace, like a computer virus that is also transmissible to humans.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      I remember seeing that link before, in pre-Nemesis times. Re-visiting it, I find it fits him to a tee!

  5. BillK says:

    LOL – Don’t get me started – I’ve been reading about the conspiracy theorists’ idea that they have developed ‘nanobots’ that can reproduce themselves, and they are putting them in vaccines, water supplies, chemtrails etc., and they eat away at our brains !!! Gawd ‘elp us…

    Hi Inciteful, and thanks for the NPD link. I ticked a few of those boxes myself, so I’ll not show it to Mrs-K !!
    There are loads of other links in there – so I may be some time…

    • Legaleaglet says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Nemesis and another CAG poster were both nanobots. The way they always post the same things in the same style and never back anything up with facts (such as case law or legislation) is reminiscent of those robots you used to see on TV, who came with a number of pre-set tracks. They would choose one of them tracks to respond to every situation, a bit like the Stepford Wives did when their cables got crossed. Nemesis and the other poster are also prone to crossed cables and short circuits.

  6. revenge says:

    Thanks Inciteful, that sums up a lot of the bullying I have seen on consumer forums. I witnessed first hand on a very well known site yesterday on two different threads how the bully’s attack peeps just for asking a question or indeed giving them some really great advice. It is a shame when consumer forums allow bullies to ruin it.

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      I have also seen a lot of bullying going on on various forums, they seem to be breeding grounds for bullies. I know the site you refer to, I stay away precisely for that reason, they jump on you for whatever reason. When I joined LB, there was Eloise who was a bit of a Bully, but at least if you didn’t disagree with her, you were “allowed” to post on the same threads as her. After that, I can’t say there were any real bullies, there’s always one or two who like to show off their knowledge but they quickly crawled back underneath their stones.

      Then came Nemesis, who literally didn’t allow me to post on the same threads as him, he did all he could to push me out without hiding the fact in any way. He was worse than most of the other playground bullies that thrive on the forums. Sharon saw it all with her own eyes but did very little. The odd post got removed but that was as effective as trimming off the flowers off a weed, the weed kept growing and producing new flowers and making more bullish posts. He clearly saw me as a direct threat to his glorified status because he focused a lot of his bullying on me.

      He also bullied a couple of other posters, both of whom also got banned. Now there’s a coincidence…

  7. Legaleaglet says:

    Unfortunately bullying is rampant on the online world, as people can hide behind computer screens and say what they wouldn’t dare say face-to-face. One thing I used to say about LB is that it wasn’t full of bullies like other sites, and for that reason, as this post indicates, it could have been the best consumer site in the UK. All that changed when Nemesis joined and was regarded as an authority. That led him to believe he had a license to bully and the site team were, not doubt, worried that, if he was told to stop, he would leave.

  8. Jon says:

    I have just been reading the link about bullies and NPD inparticular

    I do think that as it is a spectrum disorder we can probably all find some elements in there that we recognise in ourselves let alone others

    I saw a classic piece of toy throwing yesterday when some poster tried to tell Nem he had made a type when he said in response to someone who had sent a cca request off
    ‘Without an agreement they can enforce’

    Sadly the poster did not express them selves that well, ok well maybe well enough to be understood but not weel enough to have sealed all avenues of abuse

    Nem responded with an aggressive I am right to which Shazza suggested he had made a typo

    To cap it all he them posted
    Thanks Typo fixed

    But was so stoopid that he hadn’t fixed it at all

    The man is a buffoon of the first order

    • Flaming Parrot says:

      That must be the link posted above, I’ve just caught up with it! It’s just what he used to do with me, snap at me with a “NO” in capitals. That’s when he was being gentle, when he wasn’t, he’d just say I was having an ego-trip or something like that and would even post “report that”.

      I’m just looking at the thread and I can see Sharon ended up having to edit the typo.

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