February 11, 2016
Dream Team

There’s a New Kid in Town…!

A warm Allsorts welcome to the most recent addition to the line-up of Usual Suspects – Pamela Austen – a bright and innocent new face in the diminishing crowd that […]
January 31, 2016
Confilc of Interest

Conflict of interest

Following on from inconvenient truths, where we saw Julian Siddle brag about how Legal Beagles was instrumental in Carl Wright’s demise, we have to wonder about the ability for two potentially […]
January 29, 2016

Inconvenient truths

January 16, 2016
Numbers Game

What’s in a number?

Looks like the value of Legal Beagles has been steadily decreasing over the past two or three years, from £35m in 2013 to just £7m in 2015...
January 16, 2016

What a difference a year makes!

Here we have an article from Legal Futures, one of the websites where the new Beagle venture, LB Compare, has been published. Back then, Kate, one of the owners of Legal Beagles, was […]
January 6, 2016
Seven Million Note

£7m offer turned down by the Beagles

A couple of online articles indicate that the Beagles turned down a cool £7m to keep running Legal Beagles themselves and set up a comparison site instead.
January 1, 2016
2016 Beagles Money

Money above ethics: the big U-turn

After spending years fighting against CMCs and fee-paying DMP providers, the Beagles are now actively encouraging their use. No wonder they got rid of the CMC and PPI specialists.
December 31, 2015
Money in the New Year

New Year, New Business for the Beagles

All change!
Things are set to change in 2016. A new site launched in the new year will monetise Legal Beagles.
December 25, 2015

Blowing their own trumpet