The Ban Club


One thing the new management love to do is BAN! Don’t get me wrong, banning is essential for the survival of the fora. Spammers are quick to locate any open posting platform and they can be very prolific. Trolls and other undesirable character trawl the fora in search of a community they can ruin rather than join. Both groups should  banned, however, the Beagle Managers somehow love to ban many of those who contribute the most.

Banning long-standing members often results in other members decamping or just not bothering to post any more.

The Roll of Honour

There have been many casualties in the last few years. Below are a few of the ones that come to mind.

The Ban Club
Sapphire Site admin for 7 years
TuttsiClaims Management Specialist
Bill-KPPI reclaim expert and math genius
Starving TaxpayerCouncil tax specialist
Big AlBailiff specialist
PlanBHousing and legal expert
WombatsBailiff and DMP specialist
PeterbardAll around smart arse (on his request)
Flaming ParrotConsumer credit and civil litigation specialist
IncaFamily law specialist and contributor
Jon1965Consumer credit researcher
Clever ClogsConsumer issues researcher
NoahConsumer Credit Specialist

See what areas have been left virtually deserted by the bans here: Now you see them


  1. revenge says:

    Don’t worry Noah, it did not offend me. I just wanted to point out that I am Jewish as well.

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