The Buggered Off Club

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By popular demand, in addition to the Ban Club, we now have the Buggered Off Club. These are people who, although not officially banned, decided to abandon ship for whatever reason. Some out of solidarity with Ban Club members, others over disagreements with the management or simply because they didn’t agree with the direction the site was taking or the advice that was given.

Whatever the reason, people who decided to “bugger off” and never return to Legal Beagles caused as much damage to the site as those who were banned. Their absence deprived the site of useful sources of help and different points of view and areas of expertise. Their departure also had an impact on the overall morale of the site.

The Buggered Off Club

There have been many who voluntarily decided to jump ship in last few years. Below are a few of the ones that come to mind.

The Buggered Off Club
CetelcoOriginal Site Co-founder
Curly BenFounding Member and Admin for 6 years
TurbomanPPI Guru
GarlokConsumer Credit Guru
GorangCivil Litigation Specialist
WendyBBailiff Specialist
XenaBailiff Specialist
AmySite admin and bailiff specialist
Happy ContrailsBailiff expert

The Club is accepting nominations if anyone can think of someone who’s been left out.

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  1. revenge says:

    I wonder if any accounts were ever done for Consumer Legal Ltd ?

  2. peterbard says:

    Like the picture admin.

    Can I suggest that we discourage name calling on this forum,it is up-to you of course, but if it continues it will damage the sites creditability and dilute the point it is trying to make.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      I agree, let’s stick to usernames as they were at the time. That will also make it easier for everyone to know who we are talking about without confusion. Let’s not forget the purpose of this site which is to set the record straight. A couple of minor edits have been made.

  3. jasonDWB says:

    I wasn’t banned. I left under my own choice to start DWB.

  4. peterbard says:

    Perhaps a switch to the buggered off club in that case?

  5. Legaleaglet says:

    I wasn’t banned. I left under my own choice to start DWB.

    Perhaps a switch to the buggered off club in that case?

    JasonDWB (a.k.a. Happy Contrails) and Amy have been moved to the Buggered Off Club.

  6. Legaleaglet says:

    Have removed CharityNJW in view of the fact he has decided to return to Beagleland, perhaps he was approached by the management when they saw themselves running out of posters who knew about claims and CCJs, leaving what must be the biggest area on the forum, entirely in the hands of Their Nemesis would have been suicidal.

  7. BillK says:

    I met CharityNJW at the London meet, and we spent much of the evening putting the world to rights before staggering off into the mists of Olde London Toun. He struck me as a genuine, very intelligent guy with a unique style and a wit to match – and not a trace of arrogance. We enjoyed email contact for a while afterwards, and I believe he posts purely because he enjoys sharing his many talents among those who might benefit from them. He takes no sides and fights for no side – other than for truth and decency – and impartiality.

    There has clearly been a dearth of such talents in Legal Beagles recently, so Chaz’s return – whether as a result of ‘an offer he can’t refuse’ (which I doubt) – or a trademark spoof ’emotional blackmail’ appeal by Shaz to his higher self – suggests that he has been sucked in to the vacuum created by the LB teams excessive use of Dyson technology a coupla years ago. Clearly, the LB team has suffered no loss of suction over the years – but eventually a Dyson still gets emptied into the trash, and I hope Chaz is ready for that.

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