The Mysterious Case of the Gremlin Who Posted


You always hear about robots who post spam (spambots), but here we seem to have a gremlin, and it wasn’t exactly spam that was posted. There were some signs of unusual activity on the site, first affecting mostly the back-end logs. Later on, we got notified of the appearance of a rather strange comment on the Remembrance Thread. It was very odd to see that comment posted up, and the text sounded familiar. It turned out to be the contents of a two year old private email exchange that named names, and there was little reason for it to be posted up at all.

Whose comment was it anyway?

The comment was made under the name of one of our regular contributors, but here’s the thing: the poster in question was not even near a computer at the time. Furthermore, the poster in question always used their own IP address. They are known to us and have no reason to hide, yet this comment was posted using a proxy. The logs show the poster in question being logged in using a proxy, something they’d never done in their lives. Further investigation revealed that the poster in question hadn’t logged in, nor had they posted anything.

A series of rather bizarre events followed: the poster in question attempted to log in and was not able to do so, then they were advised to change their password as it was clear someone had used their user account to post. After that, the site was inaccessible for most of the day and the logs have been showing some unusual activity.

We are still conducting investigations into the sequence of events over the past 48 hours or so, however, the contents of the post rather narrow it down to those who would have had access to the text in question, which was quoted word-for-word.

Ok just to let you know I have heard from Sharon, it seems that I am accused of passing information from the team area to one [removed on request] although her name is not mentioned but who else do we know that is a [removed] and doesn’t disclose her informants, plus has a [removed for privacy] lol, I am of course denying every bit of it, so I am sure that’s why [removed on request] is on moderation.


  1. revenge says:

    Any idea who the Gremlin is?

    • Legaleaglet says:

      We are still conducting an investigation into this incident but the list of suspects can’t be very long. The gremlin would be someone who had access to the full version of the text posted above. That does narrow it down considerably.

      There have been other strange occurrences happening on the site at around the same time as the gremlin appeared.

  2. grimreaper says:

    Whoever they are needs to be hung drawn and quartered metaphorically speaking and exposed very publicly. I know what has happened to me as detailed elsewhere on the site over the last few days. And to say I am not pleased is an understatement. We have just about I think, cleaned our systems up. The last being a corrupted update of Libre Office which I only discovered about late last night. I have reported that to the Document Foundation already and have had to go back to using an earlier version for now to carry on working. Well revenge, you ask who the Gremlin is, I don’t know but they are certainly a sick, born out of wedlock, genetic deformity.

  3. BillK says:

    Gremlins always seem to be male and have sticky-out ears, don’t they ? Does that help to narrow it down at all ?

    • Legaleaglet says:

      This one could be either gender although I suspect probably male. Without sounding sexist, that gender seems more prone to this sort of thing.

  4. Dignity says:

    I think I have a good idea who this gremlin might be.

  5. Interested Party says:

    It was my account that was hacked into, it was also part of a private email between myself and a couple of others that was been ‘shared’ by someone in the email chain.
    Note to the perpetrator: If that’s all you can do then carry on, but I would have more respect for you if you contacted me directly instead of attempting to hide behind an alleged specalist hacking site, grow up, grow a pair and talk to me directly if you dare.
    Let’s get this straight here and now, I have no specific desire to be in the same room or breathe the same air as you, but I will lower my standards just this once to accommodate you in the interests of sorting this problem out.
    You have my contact details.

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