The “Not Very Important Persons” Club


VIP EntranceAs many will know, the Legal Beagles forum had a “V.I.P.” section – where members could pay a subscription, and their threads would then be taken from public view to an area where they could only be seen by other “VIP’s.” In theory, this prevented other parties involved in a claim from seeing what the VIP member was doing, or being advised to do. In practice, anybody could join LB and pay the VIP subscription and view all of the VIP threads if they wanted to – so it wasn’t exactly 100% secure.

However, this was somewhat unfair to those contributors to the forum who no longer had their own claims, but who were staying on to pass their experience & knowledge on to others who might benefit from it, as they were then being asked to pay in order to provide free support and advice ! As a result, a small number of members were allowed VIP “permission,” so that they could continue giving this voluntary support to those who had become VIP. At least one site admin made it clear that he did not like this one bit – but it was seen as a ‘necessary evil’ at the time.

As the infrastructure of the LB forum now either slowly crumbles or is slowly dismantled, we see yet another depth of their ingratitude being plumbed. The PPI guru Turboman – who spent many hours of his time working on PPI calculations and spreadsheets, and in providing comprehensive explanations of how PPI redress was (or should have been) calculated – has now been denied entry to the VIP area. He was a hard-working VIP member for many years, but effectively joined the ‘Buggered-Off Club’ when he all but disappeared for a couple of years after the mass cull of many of his LB colleagues.

Following the emergence of the LBcompare, Turboman has now returned to the Legal beagles forum to (presumably) resume giving advice in the dying PPI section. However – his VIP status has now been revoked, it would appear. Does that mean his advice is no longer needed ? We can only surmise that – along with most or all of the advice that LB used to provide – they no longer have any interest in providing it, preferring now to leave their members with little or incorrect advice. They then become fodder for the legal & financial advisors that await them in LBcompare.

So – like the earlier LB core members – it appears that poor Turbo’s skills are no longer needed. The axe of redundancy has fallen, and yet again not a word of thanks is heard. Who will be next to get the door slammed in their face ? I expect we all have some ideas.

The Allsorts offer a sympathetic welcome to poor Turboman as the founder member of the “Not Very Important Persons” Club – ‘Abandon any delusions of adequacy all ye who enter.’


  1. revenge says:

    That is very sad that Turbo has had his VIP removed. He is a long time serving member and has given a lot of useful help to the PPI reclaims along with Bill-K.

    Turbs is very welcome to come here and vent his opinions, where he will get a listening ear and would be welcomed.


  2. Legaleaglet says:

    It’s fair enough to pay for the VIP subscription when you are the one who is looking for privacy for your own case, however, for people who routinely post in the VIP area to help others rather than about their own issues, having to pay for the VIP subscription is much like working as a bar tender in a night club and having to pay the cover charge every night to be able to do your job.

    Turbs is welcome to come and tell us his story.

  3. jon says:

    Well I think you all know my thoughts on the vip area. IF there is a necessity for secrecy , and frankly ,as long as you are careful there rarely is -unless like some you use a real name and post info while in a vulnerable state surely this could be in a secure area that regular posters have access to. This was the model used elsewhere previously and imo worked well.


    Just in case you don’t know

    Taking money from vulnerable debtors is just reprehensible. It makes LB no better than the capitalist banks they claim to fight against

  4. Dignity says:

    If Jennifer is Shazza (I have some evidence to suggest that she is) I challenge her to tell LB’s side of the story; not only about VIP but more importantly PPI claims management companies that Kate was recently promoting.

  5. grimreaper says:

    I think my views on the VIP area have been well expressed and well known for a very long time, alongside all those childish little chat rooms that they had. The character assassination that was carried out on me occurred in those very chat rooms and the VIP area. Luckily the verifiable comments came into my hands. It has to be remembered however that at the time far from being a real help to many desperate people, those battling with UE and the proper provisions of the legislation were told that we were dirty debt dodgers and that LB was not a debt dodging site. Which brings into question many of the comments and ethos of pt2537. However, as the courts have said on a number of occasions I like so many others am not a wealthy sophisticated financial institution of global proportions with a legal staff in the thousands, but fully expect fair treatment under the law, then it is the institution that had to get its house in order and if the law states that an alleged debt is UE, then its UE end of. I wonder if the “fashion” of LB and others changes depending on where they believe the next pocket lining silver is going to come from. From the bits I read now Judas springs to mind.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Funny how they used to label people who wanted to challenge their debts using the CCA as “dirty debt dodgers”, yet, for the past couple of years, most of the activity on LB involves court claims issued for money that is actually owed which are all being defended using lack of documentation and technicalities that can potentially render an account unenforceable. PT’s line of work has always been in this area and, for a while, Kate was also involved in that sort of consumer credit work.

      Back in his days as Brigadier, their Nemesis was well-known for his anti-debt avoidance stance and he even reprimanded people who asked about making themselves bankrupt for trying to avoid paying their debts, yet most of his posts since joining LB have been precisely to tell people how to do exactly that: avoid paying the money they owe by using arguments such as lack of evidence of the debt or the assignment, improper reconstruction of agreements and defective default notices. No wonder he fits in so well with the Big Beagles: they are equally able to change their spots at the drop of a hat.

  6. Interested Party says:

    I hear on the grapevine that Turbo is being loyal to Sharon because she helped him a long time ago, I believe that to be admirable. However, he needs to also remember that it was she and her friend Kate that unceremoniously removed a lot of his ‘friends’ from the site and he protested against it, I personally thank you for that Turbo.

    Just remember that right now you might feel welcome over there, but please don’t get too comfortable as sure as eggs is eggs one day when your not looking you won’t be able to access the forum.

    Tick, tock !

    I look forward to welcoming you here in the near future.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      one day when your not looking you won’t be able to access the forum.

      Indeed, that has happened to a number of people and none were warned.

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