The unsung heroes

Unsung Heroes

Following on from some very insightful comments from one of our valued contributors, this post is dedicated to those people who put their own lives on hold and set their personal problems to one side to work alongside the owners of Legal Beagles and make it the consumer forum it is today.

On a previous post (no credit where credit is due), we have shown how Celestine’s idea of giving credit to all those who made Legal Beagles the ultimate consumer resource and a weapon to fight against people like Carl Wright, was a one liner saying: “Well done to everyone who worked on this“. Thankfully, we have amongst us someone who was able to name some of those who “worked on that”, and we know both joined the Ban Club when they were removed from Legal Beagles without a reason, two years ago. You will find the full comment quoted below.

Who are the unsung heroes?

A picture is beginning to emerge and we’ve got four unsung heroes here so far, I’m sure many more will surface.

***Beagle Heroes Hall of Fame***

  • Cetelco, founding member.
  • Zooman, founding member.
  • Amy, bailiff forum creator.
  • Sapphire, who was left in charge of running the site and making sure it ran smoothly.
  • Tuttsi, who put in a lot of time and effort into research and meetings leading to outcomes such as the banning of CMCs like Carl Wight’s infamous Cartel.
  • CurlyBen, admin and technical guru.
  • Bill-K, PPI guru and spreadsheet genius.
  • Turboman, PPI guru and spreadsheet genius.

Now we now who they are, they are no longer unsung! We can sing their praises and say “Thank you” properly.

I haven’t said much about Sapphire or Tuttsi, but now might seem a good time to. It sure did seem clear to me that Sapphire was left to look after the boring day-to-day site business while the others floated off to attend meetings with comedians and physicists or chase wildlife in the shadow of Kilimanjaro.

The story as I understand it is that Sapphire became aware of an ‘anomaly’ in the admin permissions and asked CurlyBen to assist her in investigating it. This must have ‘touched a nerve’ with the owners, as Sapph & CB were both treated like creeps for taking the trouble to investigate something that was creepy in itself. The subsequent demotion of Sapphire for her vigilance in the absence of any from the site owners was bad enough IMO – but then banning her for this was for me confirmation that the real creeps were the owners who thought they had covered their slimy trails.

They knew that Sapph was no expert at working the Admin panel, but they forgot that she still had a brain – and although she knew she shouldn’t throw any switches herself, she “Knew a man who can.” So she called him, and it appeared that a basic-level LB member had managed to access admin permissions. This was a dangerous security breach, and she did what was necessary and got that access revoked until the absent owners returned from their junkets and attended the ‘scene of the crime.’ Lo and behold – the ‘criminals’ were the owners themselves – who had been found out by Sapphire’s devoted vigilance. So – they found out the hard way that she was better at her job than they thought – and of course, the real creeps got rid of her for exactly that reason. I believe CB then left in protest at this, as he also has decent principles.

Tuttsi was indeed very much involved in chasing the DCA’s and she put in personal attendance at meetings with the MoJ, as I understand – as well as all the time and effort in researching, etc. While the others were ‘sacrificing’ their precious time in between junkets to visit the MoJ, Tuttsi was genuinely sacrificing her time in between hospital stays while she battled with Cancer. YES – I SAID CANCER. Not baby-making or celeb-worshipping. Not bike-riding or safariing. She also got banned without notice, and no reason given.

Oh – Did I forget to mention it in all my frothing ? Sapphire was also battling Cancer while she was running the LB forum for them. YES – I SAID CANCER AGAIN. And these cretins couldn’t even manage to dismiss ther or Tuttsi honourably with a few crummy words of thanks after all their efforts.

The pure hypocrisy of Cel’s post claiming victory over Carl Wright seems so obvious to me in the shadow of her dealings with Sapphire and Tuttsi. Cel is clearly as heartless as Carl is – as are the rest of the LB ownership.Bill-K



  1. Legaleaglet says:

    A couple of unsung heroes decided to sing themselves after seeing Jules blowing his own trumpet yet again, this time on LinkedIN, where he was bragging about the Carl Wright affair and, as is customary, he neglected to mention the ones who had been involved. He had the comments removed from the post but they can be found here: Inconvenient truths.

  2. grimreaper says:

    I would also like to just add that another very active, if at times confrontational regular poster had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, “diddydicky” Remember him? Having not heard or seen anything from him for a long time, I took into my head to make contact. That is how I discovered his predicament. Sharon Coleman could not have cared less and I was berated for out for a fellow member. Caring Sharing supportive LB——- Not on your Goddamn life!

    • Legaleaglet says:

      No, hadn’t heard anything about him for a while. Very unlikely that any Beagle would care much for people’s personal issues.

  3. BillK says:

    Hi and welcome to Legal Allsorts, GrimReaper. Good to hear your personal experience of Legal Beagles.

    We did, however, get to hear everything there was to know about Kate’s personal stuff – from her son getting his leg caught in a shop door, to carbon monoxide poisoning, stress and depression. When they did actually pretend to care, there was a secure area for people to discuss all sorts of health and personal issues – but that got shut down without warning or any thought for those who needed it. It was probably around that time that LB quietly dropped their slogan “The Site That Cares.”

  4. Inca says:

    On 11th January 11th 2014 I was sent a beautiful flower arrangement on the eve of my wedding,,6 weeks later,whilst I was on holiday,I was unceremoniously banned from LB,,no reason given.and I couldn’t be bothered to ask for one..I had Sapphy, Tuttsi etc as jailmates and had recently become good friends with Amy from BHF.
    LB was changing,and not in a good way. The Hierachy were doing away with the nurturing caring aspect of the site and allowing one member in particular to call the shots. I had been warned in the summer of 2013 that pms were being read and to use emails instead.
    Quite honestly,they have ruined a decent forum and turned in to a one stop advice shop and that’s it.

    • Legaleaglet says:

      Welcome to All Sorts, Inca.

      What you say above is very true, they managed to ruin what was a lovely little community and turn it into something akin to an online version of the CAB.

      You’ve probably seen our new remembrance post dedicated to the Second Anniversary of the Mass Cull of 2014.

      I can’t think of a worse time to ban someone than when they are on holiday and not even posting. This was clearly a case of banning just for the company you kept rather than anything you did.

  5. BillK says:

    Hi Inca – good to see you again. Yes – LB had become the same paranoid Orwellian community that they had left in 2007 – in order to form a truly open forum. As you say, it is now attempting to become an advice shop. As such, openness is no longer needed.

  6. revenge says:

    Hiya Inca

    Great to see you posting here. I was worried about you when you were on holiday and not even near a computer to find out when you returned home that you had been banned and no reasons given.

    They managed to send you a beautiful stunning bunch of flowers for your wedding which was more than I got when I was in hospital undergoing a serious transplant which saved my life and in an isolation room. Thank goodness I had you and Sapphire keeping me together on the phone whilst being out of action.

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