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Legal Beagles started out as a splinter group from CAG in 2007 and, over the years, grew quite rapidly and became a well established consumer resource and help site. As we all know, a site of this kind is only as good as its members. This is the one idea that seems to be completely absent from the Legal Beagles management. It’s not a matter of how many members there are (see quantity v quality) but how many of them are actually contributors.

In the beginning…

Once upon a time, Legal Beagles was a community where people exchanged ideas and experiences. There were discussion threads as well as threads posted by people who needed help. People often went for help and decided to stay on, contribute and share their experiences. This is the essence of any forum. Over the past couple of years, Legal Beagles have moved away from its original ethos and has become more of a question and answer service rather than a discussion forum, in fact, discussion is actively discouraged.

As pointed out in some of the helpful comments made by our contributors, Nemesis is averse to discussion and seems to have been much the same when he was on CAG. He wants his answers to be taken as gospel and not questioned by anyone. Ideally, he would like threads to be just the OP and himself giving advice. He has to tolerate interventions by Site Team but can’t stand anyone else jumping in to give an opinion. As a result, a number of people who did little more than post on his threads were banned.


2015 The Management decided to eliminate all those who disagreed with Nemesis, these include Jon1965, Berniethebolt, Roland, Flaming Parrot and Wombats, maybe more.

2014This was the Year of The Mass Cull, when a number of long-standing members that were largely responsible for making the site what it is today, were unceremoniously banned.

2013The change in management that took place in the middle of the year as a result of one of the owners getting a job with a law firm, made a number of long-term contributors leave completely or just stay away most of the time and pop in occasionally. Some may not be named in the Buggered Off Club because it’s not always clear who has buggered off for good and who is just too busy to bother. In some cases, it’s not clear who’s been banned.

2012Saw the departure of a number of members who had been responsible for setting up and running the bailiff area of the site.

2011Saw a mass exodus of members to a new, small rival site specialising mostly on debt matters, where some became moderators. Most of them never returned to Legal Beagles but they buggered off so long ago, most haven’t even been included in the Buggered Off Club.

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  1. Legaleaglet says:

    Well, now we know why the Beagles were so keen to get rid of all the regulars, the cat’s out of the bag and their loss is actually their gain!

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