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Following on from previous posts and comments, it’s obvious that the quality and accuracy of responses is secondary. It has been mentioned below that what seems to matter on Legal Beagles is the amount of posts someone makes and there is no better example than Nemesis who, in just a year, has racked up over 7,000 posts! His sudden appearance in Beagleland a year ago happily coincided with the start of the British Passport Services claims. Those who have seen their Christmas Facebook message quoted under blowing their own trumpet will know that, during the first part of the year, at least two of the owners were busy dealing with claims issued by a small-time conman who pass his website off as part of the official British Passport renewal services. The third owner was busy with a newborn.

Nemesis was welcomed with open arms and given the run of the court claim and debt forums, no doubt after spinning a few of the yarns he is so well known for, about his alleged experience dealing helping people with debt matters. On some of his posts he claimed to have 40 years experience, then another ex-Beagle who, if I got it correctly, got banned for raising concerns about this to the Beagle Management, debunked this statement and produced posts where Nemesis had been known as “Brigadier” something or other on CAG and he had started posting in 2009, asking for help himself. This was all posted on a thread that didn’t stay up for long.

Unlicensed debt advisor

Another poster who also got banned for questioning the management about Nemesis asked on a public thread, whether Nemesis had a Consumer Credit License after he’d posted about cases he was dealing with privately. For those who are not aware, a Consumer Credit License is required to offer debt advice which, according to the FCA, is a regulated activity. Forums are not required to be licensed because they are regarded as discussion platforms and do not give advice as such, anybody can post up their views with regards to any ‘advice’ given, unlike in a private, one-on-one situation. Having said that, Legal Beagles also seem to be the exception in that respect, in that they don’t always allow others to post up their views, certainly anyone who questioned Nemesis ended up being banned.

One would think if Nemesis was a licensed debt advisor he would say so in his signature, he does not, yet he is allowed by the Legal Beagles management, to brag about the private advice he gives, presumably without a license. That means Legal Beagles are happy for someone who breaks the law to post on their forum and refer to he way in he routinely breaks the law, all for the sake of having a prolific poster on board. Furthermore, despite what he says in his signature, Nemesis does communicate by private message (PM) with most posters and this was plain for all to see on many threads.

Stock responses

Nemesis is appreciated by the Beagles because he shares their belief in quantity and makes it his mission to post as much as he can. To that effect, he often doesn’t read the posts he is replying to, he scans threads quickly for keywords and then posts one of his stock responses. It is very clear that’s what they are because the wording is always the same and his posts don’t always match what has been posted above on the thread. If you look closely at most of his posts, you’ll also notice the lines do not stretch the full width of the posting area. That means he has copied and pasted the text from his own files, with line breaks in certain places. That’s how he manages to post so much and ‘get there’ before anyone else, provided there is anyone else left.

Read the thread? Why bother!

A prime example of how he rushes to post without bothering to read the thread, or even understand what they are talking about, is this one: Mediation – who pays? Here he rushed to post his stock response about consent orders with relation to settlement of money claims, without even noticing this was actually a family law and not a money claim or debt post!

Why bother reading?

If you look at the thread, you will see that he never went back, not even to say “sorry, posted on the wrong thread”, which he sometimes did when his glaring mistakes were pointed out.

Territorial Army

Nemesis was always very protective of the territory he regarded as his for some reason, perhaps due to his alleged long-standing experience with unlicensed debt advice and ruled his little kingdom with an iron fist. Anyone who attempted to usurp his throne as the King of Debt and Court Advice was met with a barrage of open hostility. He is the only poster I’ve ever seen saying “I already said this”, made him look like a toddler! Or he would just argue everyone else’s posts were just too ‘complicated’ or ‘confusing’ and would ensure the OP would take his advice by PMing them, no doubt with a lot of claims to fame.

Where did he come from?

Nemesis was known under at least three user names on CAG, all of them Brigadier related. He was best known as “The Brig”, a guy who posted with great authority, bragged about this alleged experience and attacked anyone who got in his way. He made people believe he knew his stuff when, in fact, he got it all wrong. Quoting legislation and case law were not things he ever did, nor did he ever post links to the sources he got his information from, perhaps because he made it all up as he went along and never bothered to verify what he said. He just read what others posted on various forums, then made a point of repeating it himself without even bothering to check it.

CAG reject welcomed with open arms

His consistently wrong advice got him reported to the CAG site team after he’d had his PM facility removed for constantly PMing the members. In the end he got banned and found a nice comfy home in Beagleland, where the owners have been happy to ban a number of regulars for the sake of ensuring his happiness. Not much different to what they did with Eloise two years earlier, before she was found to have been a fake. The question is: when will they find out that Nemesis is also one?

How long will it take for them to notice
More importantly, WHO will take his place?


  1. Interested Party says:

    Hi Doom and welcome, sadly far, far too many people are falling foul of their obvious intentions to let’s say ‘guide’ the OP’s to the ‘money making’ site.

    Isn’t there a law against doing that ?

  2. Agent 99 says:

    Maybe they just can’t be bothered or have better things to do which is fair enough, only trouble is, Nemesis just can’t help himself, and he not only can’t write, he can’t read either!

    Can he read?

  3. Jon says:

    I was having a peruse around LB over the weekend, as you do looking for pearls of wisdom from our friendly Nemesis.

    I came across a lovely thread where a court claim had been issued and a WS sent by the claimant. It was pronounced better than their average statement and the CCA request enforceable.

    Luckily for the OP a certain someone noted a few minor errors in the WS. two different names and two different DOB’s followed by two different opening dates for the account – clearly the claimant hadn’t really got a clue.

    The OP had been about to settle before these errors were noted and the claim has been discontinued

    Three cheers for nemesis (NOT)

    If that doesn’t make him a liability I don’t know what does

    The documents in question seem to have vanished from the thread, probably to spare nem his blushes

  4. Jon says:**WON**-Amberhun-vs-Arrow-Global-CCJ-Set-Aside/page3

    The last post on here really shows how he doesn’t get it.

    I think most of us agree, it is the site admin that we have a problem with and one particular poster – not the process in general

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