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Following on from previous posts and comments, it’s obvious that the quality and accuracy of responses is secondary. It has been mentioned below that what seems to matter on Legal Beagles is the amount of posts someone makes and there is no better example than Nemesis who, in just a year, has racked up over 7,000 posts! His sudden appearance in Beagleland a year ago happily coincided with the start of the British Passport Services claims. Those who have seen their Christmas Facebook message quoted under blowing their own trumpet will know that, during the first part of the year, at least two of the owners were busy dealing with claims issued by a small-time conman who pass his website off as part of the official British Passport renewal services. The third owner was busy with a newborn.

Nemesis was welcomed with open arms and given the run of the court claim and debt forums, no doubt after spinning a few of the yarns he is so well known for, about his alleged experience dealing helping people with debt matters. On some of his posts he claimed to have 40 years experience, then another ex-Beagle who, if I got it correctly, got banned for raising concerns about this to the Beagle Management, debunked this statement and produced posts where Nemesis had been known as “Brigadier” something or other on CAG and he had started posting in 2009, asking for help himself. This was all posted on a thread that didn’t stay up for long.

Unlicensed debt advisor

Another poster who also got banned for questioning the management about Nemesis asked on a public thread, whether Nemesis had a Consumer Credit License after he’d posted about cases he was dealing with privately. For those who are not aware, a Consumer Credit License is required to offer debt advice which, according to the FCA, is a regulated activity. Forums are not required to be licensed because they are regarded as discussion platforms and do not give advice as such, anybody can post up their views with regards to any ‘advice’ given, unlike in a private, one-on-one situation. Having said that, Legal Beagles also seem to be the exception in that respect, in that they don’t always allow others to post up their views, certainly anyone who questioned Nemesis ended up being banned.

One would think if Nemesis was a licensed debt advisor he would say so in his signature, he does not, yet he is allowed by the Legal Beagles management, to brag about the private advice he gives, presumably without a license. That means Legal Beagles are happy for someone who breaks the law to post on their forum and refer to he way in he routinely breaks the law, all for the sake of having a prolific poster on board. Furthermore, despite what he says in his signature, Nemesis does communicate by private message (PM) with most posters and this was plain for all to see on many threads.

Stock responses

Nemesis is appreciated by the Beagles because he shares their belief in quantity and makes it his mission to post as much as he can. To that effect, he often doesn’t read the posts he is replying to, he scans threads quickly for keywords and then posts one of his stock responses. It is very clear that’s what they are because the wording is always the same and his posts don’t always match what has been posted above on the thread. If you look closely at most of his posts, you’ll also notice the lines do not stretch the full width of the posting area. That means he has copied and pasted the text from his own files, with line breaks in certain places. That’s how he manages to post so much and ‘get there’ before anyone else, provided there is anyone else left.

Read the thread? Why bother!

A prime example of how he rushes to post without bothering to read the thread, or even understand what they are talking about, is this one: Mediation – who pays? Here he rushed to post his stock response about consent orders with relation to settlement of money claims, without even noticing this was actually a family law and not a money claim or debt post!

Why bother reading?

If you look at the thread, you will see that he never went back, not even to say “sorry, posted on the wrong thread”, which he sometimes did when his glaring mistakes were pointed out.

Territorial Army

Nemesis was always very protective of the territory he regarded as his for some reason, perhaps due to his alleged long-standing experience with unlicensed debt advice and ruled his little kingdom with an iron fist. Anyone who attempted to usurp his throne as the King of Debt and Court Advice was met with a barrage of open hostility. He is the only poster I’ve ever seen saying “I already said this”, made him look like a toddler! Or he would just argue everyone else’s posts were just too ‘complicated’ or ‘confusing’ and would ensure the OP would take his advice by PMing them, no doubt with a lot of claims to fame.

Where did he come from?

Nemesis was known under at least three user names on CAG, all of them Brigadier related. He was best known as “The Brig”, a guy who posted with great authority, bragged about this alleged experience and attacked anyone who got in his way. He made people believe he knew his stuff when, in fact, he got it all wrong. Quoting legislation and case law were not things he ever did, nor did he ever post links to the sources he got his information from, perhaps because he made it all up as he went along and never bothered to verify what he said. He just read what others posted on various forums, then made a point of repeating it himself without even bothering to check it.

CAG reject welcomed with open arms

His consistently wrong advice got him reported to the CAG site team after he’d had his PM facility removed for constantly PMing the members. In the end he got banned and found a nice comfy home in Beagleland, where the owners have been happy to ban a number of regulars for the sake of ensuring his happiness. Not much different to what they did with Eloise two years earlier, before she was found to have been a fake. The question is: when will they find out that Nemesis is also one?

How long will it take for them to notice
More importantly, WHO will take his place?


  1. Jon says:

    I have just looked at that thread and the arrogance of the man knows no bounds , instead of saying sorry he just switches approach and says watch the post in case a claim arrives. Even Amethyst got confused but at least took the hint and corrected herself

    • Agent 99 says:

      The thread title has been changed to “Letter before action help” because apparently “letter of claim” confused them! The Practice Directions consistently make reference to a “letter of claim” to be sent before a claim is issued, you’d think it would be clear to those LEGAL Beagles what that means by now! Nemesis can never admit that he is WRONG and has to give feeble excuses and make it sound like he is saying things for a reason. You commented on this other thread: A huge gamble, so you would have seen how he kept going on about notifying the court of an agreed extension that was totally irrelevant. He kept going on about that and always found a way to make it look like there was a reason for his answers instead of admitting he can’t even read, let alone guide someone through the process of defending a fast track case.

  2. Interested Party says:

    He is completely deluded

    • Agent 99 says:

      There is nothing wrong with wishing someone a happy birthday, even those who give bad advice deserve to be happy at least once a year, however, the new Legal Beagles is no longer the community site it used to be, where there was banter and birthday celebrations. For the past three years or so, it has become a largely dry advisory service, where birthday threads are almost unheard of, yet one was started a few days ago, dedicated to this strange creature the seem to adore. Site owner Sharon started the thread herself and the lot of them joined in not just to wish him happy returns, but to tell him how great a job he is doing. Are they for real? This is the guy who has the potential to bring down their entire operation with the advice he gives. This is the guy who was a “great help” to this poster who got a CCJ in default against them: OP left with CCJ.

      This is the guy who has been shown, time and again, to be unable to even read the posts he himself quotes, let alone the rest of the thread. This is the one who routinely gives the wrong advice and who has told this OP to send an “amended defence” to the court without following the appropriate procedure, either to amend the defence or to submit the amended version, let alone coming up with a defence that has enough merit to save the OP from a £18,000 CCJ plus costs! This after telling this poor OP to inform the court of an extension of time agreed to submit a defence they had already submitted, at least five times!

      This is the guy who never grasped the idea that default dates on credit files are not relevant for the purpose of limitation, who’s never understood the basics of how limitation works and who still felt the need to attack anyone who pointed out his glaring mistakes or contradicted him.

      If the site owners had any sense, they would have given Nemesis a cuckoo clock and wished him a happy retirement in the sun/garden/countryside, away from any consumer sites. He could do well on a site dedicated to exchanging war memories or gardening tips, where the worse that could happen would be your weeds growing twice as big and your flowers wilting away.

      Beagles WAKE UP, haven’t you been hearing the alarm ringing loudly all this time?

  3. revenge says:

    OMG is Nemesis still posting. This poor poster is being given all the wrong facts.

  4. BillK says:

    I’m sure I’m not alone in despising the way that the LB crew happily use people to their own advantage, only to dispose of them when they ‘get wise’ to this – and their lack of ‘people skills’ is now becoming as legendary as CAG & AAD. But I genuinely cannot believe that they are as completely thick as they appear to be – I really can’t. These critters are schemers, and always have been – and WE are the fools for being taken in by them. They are TOTALLY aware of what a pr@t Nem is – and TOTALLY aware of the damage he is doing – because they are TOTALLY aware of everything posted here in Allsorts, to the point where they dissect every single comment in minute detail.

    Whatever it is that they are now up to, Nem is serving their purpose admirably – and innocent, trusting forum users are being suckered in and thrown to the lions WHILE THE LB TEAM STAND BY AND WATCH. Nem may be an arrogant pr@t – and I daresay that he will be discarded like the rest of us pr@ts in due course when he has served his purpose – but in fairness, he is probably not aware of the damage he is doing. In stark contrast – THE LB TEAM ARE FULLY AWARE OF THIS.

    I truly believe that their awareness can be proven, and that they are guilty of wilful neglect – at the very least. But this is just my humble opinion – and if anyone can convince me I am wrong to hold such an opinion – then I will listen.

  5. Interested Party says:

    They do say that ignorance is bliss, trouble is having known Kate, Sharon, Jules, Nick and of course Enaid for a long time the one thing I would never call any of them is ignorant.
    I honestly believe that as always the Fab Four are keeping the likes of Enaid and the other mods in the dark with regards their intentions, as they did when I was on there.
    They have a way about them, a very clever way of making one feel important, like your input is desired and much needed, you feel absolutely part of the team, valued and indispensable, then of course one day your gone.
    Ok I freely admit that I was talking to people outside of LB but I never, ever disclosed anything that was in the team area, even though they were/are convinced that I did. I do believe though that I was set up, by whom …. well I have my suspicions and one day I will find out.
    Yes of course they buggered off and left me too it, but at that time there were some very knowledgeable and prolific posters on there giving excellent advice so they were actually surplus to requirements anyway, but now they have Mr Horrific Poster, giving the worst advice possible and they are still sitting back letting it happen.
    Yet again I say shame on them.

  6. Agent 99 says:

    When people post something up asking for feedback, they expect people to READ what they’ve posted and comment or say that’s OK. Here the OP, who has only been around for a few weeks and is very new to all this, posted up a letter they intended to send and asked for feedback: PRA Group Letter Before Claim. Their Nemesis obviously didn’t read it, because he said it was fine, yet the OP had not only located an outdated version of the response to a letter before action but they had also mixed up that response with the text for a CCA request, all in one letter.

    However long you may have been in this game, if you are going to be giving debt advice, you need to keep up to speed. Such is the nature of forums, that old and outdated information stays around for years. It’s just not possible to go back and re-read each and every post and edit those that refer to outdated information. However, those who want to play the role of debt advisors need to know what has changed and be able to spot old and outdated text when they see it. It doesn’t help the OP make the right impression to be sending a letter quoting paragraphs that have long disappeared from the protocols in question, especially when they are going to be addressing legal professionals. That’s the whole idea of posting up on the forum before sending stuff, one would think.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Nemesis also failed to notice the amalgamation of the two letters into one. The CCA request is a legal document and has to be made saying that it is a request under s.77/79 of the CCA. In this case, the OP was merely appending the reference to the CCA request to their letter of claim response. Nemesis is the first one to go on and on about all the dirty tricks that the creditors and their legal reps like to play. If the OP does not send a proper CCA request, PRA could easily deny having received such a document, leaving the OP open to a claim being issued without them being able to say that the account could not be enforced due to lack of compliance with their CCA request, if they’d not actually sent a proper one. This should have been blindingly obvious to an “experienced advisor” like Nemesis.

  7. Agent 99 says:

    Here the OP clearly said they had received TWO claims, totalling £22k: MBNA Finance v IDR. Nemesis goes on to describe the usual claim response process. Given how generic his stock posts are, he’d be better off just linking to Amethyst’s sticky giving all the information. One thing Nemesis never does is link, this could be due to his natural laziness (he’s not going to bother looking for posts to link to) or it could be because he wants each post he makes to look as if it was all his idea. Or, more likely, a mixture of both.

    When the OP posts up the particulars of one claim, all Nemesis can say is that the amounts appear very high! It’s quite obvious the decimal point is missing, while he is pretending to have read the particulars of claim, he fails to notice the following:

    • That there were two claims, yet the particulars of only one were posted up.
    • That the particulars posted mention the card being taken out in 2009, which would not only make it difficult to argue it’s unenforceable, MBNA are more likely to be able to locate the agreement.
    • That the claims were both over £10k and would be allocated to fast-track, with the resulting cost implications.

    Neither did he ask the required questions of the OP regarding the accounts, such as when they were opened (one in 2009, what about the other?), what sort of cards they were to start with, how they were applied for, when defaulted, etc.

    The Beagles also have a duty to inform people of all the alternatives, risks, pros and cons, for example, that you could look at a CFA for a fast-track claim as opposed to relying on advice from Nemesis. Obviously not something he’d ever suggest, as that’s not only outside his radar, it would mean losing an opportunity to be the star of the show.

    Thankfully another poster stepped in and asked a few questions, and even suggested splitting the two claims into separate threads. With fast track claims, they can got on for a year and each case will develop in its own way. Once the documents and letters start to arrive, it could be confusing to deal with two claims in one. Not something Nemesis would ever consider, of course, but, once more, WHERE are the Beagles and WHY do they always leave it all up to someone who’s been shown time and time again, not to be fit for purpose?

  8. Interested Party says:

    In the words of a certain David Cameron…. For god’s sakes man ….. GO !

  9. Jon says:

    Nemesis it seems is a Brexiter of the strongest type. I suggest he buggers off to the USA as that seems to be his chosen ideal-New Right liberal capitalism – oh wait he probably cant because Trump wants to close the borders there. Bugger we are stuck with him

  10. Agent 99 says:

    Cross-referencing this post showing Nemesis in a previous incarnation: Meet the man. It clearly shows how little legal knowledge he had and how his born again profile dispensed with the wild claims he’d previously made.

  11. Doom says:

    Hi to everyone

    Its funny what you can find when you type legal beagles Nemesis into google

    I am , I think a victim of nemesis and his territorial feelings
    Let me explain

    I first went on to legal beagles with a complaint about talk talk and if i could claim damages from them after my details were accessed during the infamous hack . I didn’t have the best of starts because when people added to my replies ranting about talktalk I said could someone please answer my question and got told off for being rude.

    Anyway, I was doing some reading around and you soon start to question reasons for things, for example I wanted to know why a CCA request was 12+2 days , why not just 14 and were they working days or calendar days , well I soon came to find out that the 2 was for service

    I also saw that claims over a certain amount, 10000 I think had the prospects of being expensive because the loser paid costs
    I also discovered what a CCA request was and why it was important

    I read a thread where the claimant had been ordered to disclose papers within 7 days of asking and the poster was going to email the court the day after the documents were due asking for a strike out. I read the thread and made a few comments such as, when was the 7 days up, what about service , were they working days etc
    I also saw that the CCA request was not complied with as it came back with a married name as opposed to the maiden name

    Nemesis then questions why I am now the expert , I didn’t pretend to be an expert , I was asking some questions hoping an expert would clarify

    This morning comes and i try to reply to nemesis to get a message that my post would be approved after a moderator had seen it . I tried to contact the site but got messages saying I didnt have permission

    I think you are 100% spot on about Nemesis and it is hard enough with the system being against us when forums just stop people posting.

    I am off to read some more of this lovely site

    Bye for now

  12. BillK says:

    Hi to you, Doom – and welcome to Legal Allsorts. Thank you for adding your own story to the shameful litany of what now clearly appear to be deliberate acts of sabotage by Nemesis and the Legal Beagles Team. I’m sorry to hear of your problems, but at least you now know that you are not alone with your frustration. Like yourself, many people are now discovering the sad truth about the Barely Legal Beagles – simply by googling.

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