What a shambles!


We start with a very simple question about car finance involving a VT (Voluntary Termination). We all know that Peterbard, one of the Banned Club members, would have given the OP an answer in one post, but that’s not what the Beagles want, is it? Why one post when you can have 42? Remember, it’s a numbers game and quantity over quality.

It all started out rather well with a one-on-one conversation between the OP and a helpful newbie and it could have stayed that way had it not been for the intervention of their latest addition, someone who signed up just a couple of weeks ago yet he already behaves like he owns the joint. Not an uncommon behaviour in Beagleland as that was exactly how Famous Names such as Eloise and Nemesis started life in the kennels.

Wannabe Legal Eagle

The newbie in question is very likely an Open University law student, no need for the likes of Poirot or Columbo to make that deduction, with a name like that and the statements he makes, what else could they be? Don’t you just love it when people who study a bit about law feel the irrepressible need to brag about it? No matter what area of law you study, you always have to study contract law as that’s the basis of everything you do, even when we buy a roll of wine gums, we are entering into a contract. Having said that, contract law is probably not the first topic that comes to mind when you go down the pub or are invited to a dinner party. You are studying law, you have the urge to shout about it from the rooftops, what do you do? You join a forum, of course!

There’s no business like show-off business!

Excess mileage chargeHere the newbie takes advantage of the opportunity to show off his knowledge of Contract Law 101; note how he uses textbook language and keeps repeating “it is my view…” Then, a poster that has been around a few years, advises the OP to wait for someone with a greater number of posts! This was rather funny and, no doubt, deflated the law student’s ego.

Even funnier is when a member of site team decides to tag Tools of all people, who never turns up, and this is followed by another post by the first newbie who was helping out. At this point, the poor OP is thoroughly confused. He’s had a number of contradictory replies as well as some suggestions that he should wait for a) someone with a higher post count or b) Tools. Neither turns up, so he’s stuck with the advice he’s received so far.

Best advice

Just when he was beginning to feel comfy again, up pops the law student, to brag about his knowledge yet again. This time he’s not only bragging but giving advice to the OP! He even uses the words “My best advice to you…” He must be day-dreaming that he’s running his own practice, otherwise where would he be using those words? Certainly not on a forum! We all know debt advice (and this is a debt, and he’s giving advice) is a regulated activity that requires FCA authorisation.

Excess mileage charge advice

The above post then gets dissected paragraph by paragraph by the not-so-newbie that was initially advising the OP. By now the OP has had the wannabe lawyer’s “best advice” as well as the other poster’s counter-best advice. What he’s not yet had is the benefit of Legal Beagles Most Prolific Poster, and no thread can be complete without him.

Enter Judge Nemesis

As if the above wasn’t enough, Nemesis then steps in to pass judgment on Rob’s counter-advice, effectively giving counter-counter advice. In true Nemesis style, he doesn’t actually say what’s wrong with Rob’s counter-advice, he merely limits himself to state that there’s “too much of this” (whatever “this” may be) and that “it’s not helpful”.

Excess mileage charge Nemesis passes judgment

Is it any wonder the OP never returned?


  1. revenge says:

    Just popped on LB, Spammer on the loose……….. no one there to clean up. Looks like the spammer is going through all the various sections including claims management.

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    New Buy Real Genuine data… 0 0 lanjorya ► 04-01, 08:30 Egg
    New Buy Real Genuine data… 0 0 lanjorya ► 04-01, 08:28 Claims Management…
    New Buy Real Genuine data… 0 0 lanjorya ► 04-01, 08:27 Bankruptcy &…
    New Buy Real Genuine data… 0 0 lanjorya ► 04-01, 08:27 Council Tax Issues


    • Legaleaglet says:

      There’s always spammers on forums, which is why you need moderators, even if they don’t want to call them that not to give the impression that posts are moderated as such. Whatever they are called, sites require people with permissions to ban spammers and remove the offending posts. That’s the problem with the Beagles, they don’t believe in delegating and don’t trust hardly anyone. In fact, they regard having moderators and a larger “Team”, as a sign of inexperience running forums. As ever, they always think they know best.

      There have been so many people who could have been given the required permissions just to keep the site tidy over the past few years but they obviously feel they’d lose control if they did and, if they chose to delegate, you can be sure they’d pick someone like Their Nemesis, who would end up removing anything that may cast a shadow over him, in fact, he’d probably just leave posts by himself, the OP and the site owners (if any).

      The Selected Few who are allowed to delete spam don’t always spot it, spam posts have been there for years, disguised as legitimate posts, where a link is discreetly placed within the body of what looks like text relevant to the thread. Often the giveaway is when the thread hasn’t been posted on in years. I anticipate more of this spam from CMC and the like now they are offering the new comparison services.

  2. Curlyben says:

    I smell serious alias abuse here, even without the normal moderation tools, I’d lay £1 on these two accounts being the same person, but I guess this is par for the course now.
    Such a shame really, but they lost all serious credibility years ago…

  3. Curlyben says:

    From what I’ve seen here I have a feeling I know exactly who this is and was part of the reason I left…

  4. Flaming Parrot says:

    The whole thing does look a bit fishy from the start and throughout.

    There are a couple of people on there who both think they know the law inside out and love to post snippets from their textbooks but they did go well OTT on some of the posts here. Saying you studied contract law doesn’t mean anything. I can read volumes about brain surgery but wouldn’t know where to start if I had to perform an actual op.

    Hi Curly, you probably remember me, although you were not around much after I joined.

  5. BillK says:

    Hi and welcome to IT expert, Ben. It is interesting to read your comments, as you were probably closer to the real truth than most of us. Kate and her partners in grime pretend to seek the truth, and I have always wished them every success in finding it.

    But I believe that in reality, IT will find THEM – and perhaps that time draws nigh.

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